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  • My Birth

    My Birth
    Today was the day a great someone was born. At exactly 10:46 am, I was brought into this world. The lucky hospital that had the honor to birth me from my mother´s womb was Cornell Hospital in Manhatten, NY. My parents, Jason Whitehead and Crystal Whitehead were filled with everlasting happiness and love when seeing me for the first time. At first sight, they knew that their son, Jason Thomas Whitehead, was meant for greatness. From this moment on my parents had high expectations for me.
  • My first steps

    My first steps
    I´d had been struggling to try to walk for a while. One thing about us Whiteheads is we don't give up. One day I decided that I wasn´t going to let my weak baby legs stop me anymore. This is the day when I taught myself mind over matter. I crawled to a chair and used it to hold my self for support. This caught my parents attention. I pushed off the chair and slowly started walking or what looked like hobbling towards the living room. I was greeted by applause from my parents as I fell on my bum.
  • first day I played basketball

    first day I played basketball
    My Father has a love for basketball. I wanted to impress my father by playing basketball. My parents signed me up for a basketball skills camp to introduce me to the game to see if I would like it. As soon as I touched the basketball, I became in love with the game. My parents told me that I played really well. The basketball coach told me that I displayed a lot of basketball potential. This day changed my life forever. Basketball isn´t only a fun hobby but it thought me a lot of life lessons.
  • Birth of my brother

    Birth of my brother
    I never asked for a younger brother. I actually wanted an older one. I wished for a brother not knowing how babies worked. Ever since Cristian was born he has been a thorn in my side. He has been snitching on me since I can remember. We fight almost everyday because he thinks he knows more than me. He also tries to embarrass me in front of people. He can be a real nuisance in my life and I tell him all the time and yet he still looks up to me. Even though I didn't ask for him, I glad I have him.
  • The move

    The move
    Me and my family moved from the Bronx to Brewster. This was a huge change for me. Brewster was like the opposite of the Bronx. In Brewster, you have to drive everywhere but in the Bronx, you could walk or take the train. In Brewster, there are mostly white people. Coming from the Bronx where it's more diverse, it was a shock to see so many white people and less black people. Moving allowed me to have better schooling and a better environment to live in. Overall, moving gave me a better childhood
  • My leg infection

    My leg infection
    My mother used to tell me all the time to wash your hands in order to prevent an infection. It's funny because I actually got one but in my knee. I was playing basketball and I fell cutting my knee. I was stupid and never disinfected the cut. Eventually, yellow puss started cumming out the wound and my knee started to swell up. After a couple of days, I couldn't walk and I needed a wheelchair. The doctor had to make an incision in my knee in order to squeeze all the puss out my leg. Super Gross!
  • first day of track

    first day of track
    The funny thing is I didn't run track because I wanted to run. The thought of running for sport sounded awful. I only joined the track team to spend more time with a girl who was my girlfriend at the time. This ended up being one of the best decisions of my life. I ended up actually being really good at track. I was the fastest on the team. The irony of this is me and my girlfriend broke up like two weeks after the first day of practice. Track is now one of my favorite sports and I love it.
  • 8th grade dance

    8th grade dance
    This was my first school dance. I had the time of my life. I had a date and everything. At the time I thought my date was the prettiest in the school. I enjoyed everything about it. I really liked the dressing up part. I thought I looked so fly and that nobody could touch me. This was the first time I remember feeling like a high schooler. I felt grown and no longer like a middle schooler. This was also the first time I slow danced with a girl. I was super nervous. This was the best night ever.
  • The death of my Aunt Anne

    The death of my Aunt Anne
    The death of my aunt was very detrimental to me. My aunt was my number one supporter and always looked out for me. Me and my Aunt had a special connection. Every summer I would go to her house for a week. We would watch movies and order out every night. My Aunt was the nicest person alive. I never saw my Aunt in a bad mood. This would always put me in a good mood seeing my aunt happy all the time. When I heard she died I couldn´t believe it. Family get-togethers aren't the same without her.
  • Made jv basketball

    Made jv basketball
    Previously before trying out for the JV team in 10th grade, I didn't make any school basketball team. I got cut from the modified basketball team in 8th and 7th grade. Then I got cut again from the JV team in 9th grade. Even though I got cut every year I didn't give up and I kept working at my basketball skills. I knew eventually I would make the team. From hard work and dedication not only I made the Jv basketball team in 10th grade but in 11th grade, I made the varsity basketball team as well.
  • becoming a certified lifeguard

    becoming a certified lifeguard
    I was offered a job to be a lifeguard at Tonetta lake. In order to be a lifeguard, you have to become lifeguard certified. At the time of accepting this job, I thought getting certified would be a piece of cake. I was so wrong, Getting certified was one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life. It was a 4-day course and I had thoughts of quitting on the first day. Even though the challenges were physically and mentally tough I fought through them and became certified! I'm proud of myself.
  • Vacation with the boys

    Vacation with the boys
    I normally go on vacation but this year was special. For the first time, I got to take three of my best friends with me on vacation. We went to Orlando, Florida. I had the best of time of my life. Whenever I'm with my friends we all have fun. It doesn't matter what we do. We are all so goofy that when we are all together the fun never ends. While we were in Florida we did things every day and night. There was never a dull moment. I have countless memories from that trip that I will never forget.
  • Got my license

    Got my license
    The day I got passed my drivers test the day I became a man. I no longer had to rely on the transportation of my parents. I could drive anywhere I wanted to go. I didn´t have to wait on anything or anyone. I felt free. I was so nervous about going to take the test. Even though I prepared months in advance I still felt like I wasn´t ready. It didn´t help that my driving prompter was uptight and strict. I was shocked when he told me I passed because based on his reactions I should've failed.
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