My Life

  • Born

    A baby girl with a story was born on March 10,2000. It was a normal day, Ariel Brook Johnson was born into this world she was really, really small. Her dad wasnt there because he was to busy getting a tattoo, Ariel had serve breathing problems and the docotors didnt know that untill my aunt Aimee had figure it out!
  • In the Hospitial

    In the Hospitial
    While i was in the hosptial, i had to stay in a iqubaiter so i can survive, i was slowly trying suruving to live and be in this world! My dad and my mom took turns everyday to come see me and see how i was, My mom had to watch tons of videos on how to take care of me! i would not been living if it wasnt for my Aunt!
  • Mia Jade Johnson

    Mia Jade Johnson
    I dont remember when this little creature came into this world! it was fall probaby leaves coming down the trees, i probably didnt like having a lillte baby in the house but i already had 3 older ones, my dad didnt go to the birth of her he was to busy watching the other four kids. Mia's real name was suppose to be Jade.
  • Birth of Alyssa Monique Johnson

    Birth of Alyssa Monique Johnson
    My life changed when my other little sister Alyssa was born a year later, she is my twin! she lookes excaltly like me, it was a week before school started, like again my dad was not there he had to watch us five now! she looked like a boy for like 1 year of her life, she had no hair at all! this was my favorite sister of them all.
  • 6th Birthday Party

    6th Birthday Party
    My dad took me to my first birthday party at Chucky Cheese, since i dont rember what had happened my dad told me the whole story, all i know is thats when my fighting habits came to be i guess it was my turn on the moving biycle that glowed up and the girl went in front of me, got on the bike i got mad and i grabbed her off the bike and just kept dragging her aorund the whole Chucky Cheese. My dad and her mom got into a big agurment but my dad said he just watched, and we just left!
  • Holly

    Not knowing anything about this new place im calling home, i was really mad cause i woundnt be able to see my father, friends and the other side of my family, i understand leaving my dad was good for my mom but what about us like i dont see him that much anymore, but its fine! we lived with my Aunt Shelly "my second mom" untill my mom got onto her feet, i thought Holly was going to be so boring, filled with people that are not like me, but i found tons of friends that are actually like me.
  • My Favorite

    My Favorite
    My favorite sport of all time is basketball, it was fifth grade and my bestfriend Chloe was signing up for it, she asked me if i wanted to join , and play with her. i asked my madre, she thought that basketbalI would make me do good in school so i ran to tell Chloe that i could play with her so she wrote me up to play. After i played & practice i fell in love with it, i was sad cause the season was over! i havent played at all every since than.
  • Step Family

    Step Family
    I was twelve when i meet my second family, I realized i had more family then i realized i had. I cant believe my dad had more than thriteen kids. it was a cold even day, random people were at my house i didnt regonize at all. My dad just came out, told us that these were my brothers & sisters. After that i fell in love with my big family.
  • My Bestfriend for life

    My Bestfriend for life
    It was 7th grade when i meet this girl who looked so much like me became my besfriend,. It was 5th hour, Page sat down next to me she started rapping my favorite song. We talked about rap music all day in class , wse kept getting in trouble for talking but we didnt care at all! After that we just became good friends She is my everything!!
  • Friend

    When my bestfriend took the enimes side over mines, ive been friends with Josie for years. I mean were sisters, I love her to death but when she took Onnas side i died. It never been the same with us.
  • Boyfriend

    This day was amazing. I started dating my first boyfriend! I thought i would never date anyone cause i dont like that breaking about stuff, I had my first kiss and first Love. weve been dating for almost 6 months. We brooke up but we getting back together.
  • My Daddy

    My Daddy
    Me and my dad lost our daughter & daddy bond we have. Im trynna get it back but its hard to get back a bond that u have broken. I love my dad to the moon & back, and it hurts when he dosent say it back or even talk to you.
  • First Day Of School

    First Day Of School
    Everyone said that High School was a scary thing but to me it was awsome.It was a cold and wet day. i was wearing a long skirt with a black tee. when I got into the school it was big and confusing. I meet some new people that are really cool, were kinda friends. High School is better than middle school!
  • Angel Myers

    Angel Myers
    It was the second day of school, i still got lost into the school a lot, but 5th hour was my favorite cause my best friend Angel was in it. I cant believe how much me and her had in common. Im glad i meet her!
  • Emily Jackson

    Emily Jackson
    September 10, 2014 was when i meet my Fav Emily Jackson. Omg she is amazing. shes my best friend and i only knew her for like a month. Me nd and her have so much in commom its not even funny! I love Emily Jackson so much!