My Life

By deje
  • The Day I Was Born!

    I was born on christmas eve. All because I'm cool like that.
  • Period: to

    My Life

  • First started Walking!

    I am not sure the real date but I predicted.
  • R.I.P Grandpa

    My Grandfather past away.
  • My first day of School!

    I was a pimp in my class so little but yet so good looking! haha
  • First Kiss! (I was Pimpin)

    So I was in third grade and there was this girl and I handled things like a boss!
  • First Day of Middle School

    I was nervous but ready!
  • My Nephew Salvino was Born

    I Love Him!
  • The Day ILLMATIX was Created!

    So illmatix is my crew we got breakdancers, rappers, beatboxers, and taggers! It's a hip hop thing!
  • My First Rap Battle

    So I battled this kid because he thought he was better than me so I smoked him. Plain and simple.
  • My Nephew Joshua a.k.a JJ was Born!

    I love him also!