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my life

  • The Begining

    The Begining
    I was born at Pitt Memorical Hospital in Greenville, NC.
  • New Millenium

    The new thousand years!
  • I turned 5

    I turned 5 and had an awesome G.I. Joe Birthday party that included: camo, toy guns, a fort(of pinestraw), and face paint.
  • 9/11

    it was a regular day. I was homeschooled. My mom and I were sitting on the couch reading. When we got a phone call from my dad( a Major in the air force then, now a Colonel) he told us to turn on the tv. We did. My mom and I stared at it for a while then we got another call 15 minutes after the first plain hit. It was my dad telling us he'd been recalled. As They were on the phone we watched as the second plain hit. My mom droped to her knees and began to cry. I remember all of it.
  • Grand mother's death

    Just two months before my 10th birthday my granmother passed away. It was in September but i don't remember the day.
  • Dad sent to Iraq

    Dad sent to Iraq
    My dad was sent to a 6 month tour in Iraq. He returned safely.
  • Freshman Year Begins!

    Freshman Year Begins!
    After many years of beng homeschooled, my parents finally let me go to AGHS.
  • Got My Permit!

    I got my permit after many years of haveig to be driven every where!
  • The start of my football career

    The first day of football summer workouts!
  • Recieved Best Camper Award

    Recieved Best Camper Award
    i have been going to this international christian sports camp for nine years. I finally recieved the best camper award.