My LIfe

  • I was born

    I was born
    I was born at St. Marys hospital in Duluth MN at 2:36 P.M.
  • First Steps

    First Steps
    I took my first steps at 11 months.
  • First Words

    First Words
    I said my first words when i was 2.
  • Moving to SD

    Moving to SD
    My family and I moved to SD when i was 3.
  • First time Riding bike

    First time Riding bike
    My parents taught me how to ride my bike when i was 4.
  • First Pet

    First Pet
    My first pet was a dog that we named taco.
  • First day of school

    First day of school
    I went to school for the first time when I was 5.
  • First Lost Tooth

    First Lost Tooth
    I lost my first baby tooth when I was 5 years old.
  • First Trip to Valleyfair

    First Trip to Valleyfair
    My parents took my sister and I to valleyfair for our first times when we were 7.
  • First Cavity Filling

    First Cavity Filling
    I got my first cavity filled when i was 7 years old.
  • Moved to Baltic

    Moved to Baltic
    My family and I moved to Baltic SD on Jun 15 2005.
  • First Stitches

    First Stitches
    After my sister hit me in the left eyebrow with a golf club I got my first stitches.
  • First Sport

    First Sport
    The first sport I ever played was Basketball in the 3rd grade.
  • First Time Playing an Instrument

    First Time Playing an Instrument
    My first instrument I ever played was a trombone.
  • First Broken Bone

    First Broken Bone
    I broke my arm playing basketball on Feb 12 2009.
  • First Phone

    First Phone
    I got my first phone when i was 13.
  • First Gun

    First Gun
    My granpa gave me my first gun, which was a .22, when I was 13.
  • First Time Driving

    First Time Driving
    My dad took me driving on February 25 2011.
  • First Day of Highschool

    First Day of Highschool
    My first day of highschool at Baltic was on Aug. 22 2011.
  • First Root Canal

    First Root Canal
    I unfortunately had my first root canal done on August 23 2011.