My life

  • My Life

    The day I was born - It was close to Halloween
  • Arriviing in California

    My family arrived in California on a cold day on Halloween. We were excited to be together again as a family.
  • Moving to La Puente

    I moved to a real nice house in a very nice nieghborhood. I made friends right away.
  • My First experience in middle school

    I am so scared in a big school with a lot of different students that I do not know.
  • High School

    A bigger school to contend with.
  • I saw the greatest looking guy

  • Making new friends

    Met my best friend Kim & Chelta.
  • Graduation

    Leaving my friends and starting a new chapter
  • College the first time around

    Moved to Long Beach to attend College.
  • My wedding day

    What a great event