My Life

  • Birth

    The Day I Was Born I Was My Mothers First Child, My mother was so proud and i felt alive.
  • 2nd Birthday

    My Second Birthday Party Was The BEST !!! I Had A Barbie Cake Got My First Pair Of Pearl Earrings. I Was Such A Happy Toddler :)
  • Baby Sister

    Baby Sister
    My Little Sister Jayda Was Born. At That Time I Was So Excited To Finally Be A Big Sister. But Little Did I Know All Of the Responsibitlity That Came Wit It.
  • First Day Of School

    The First Time Of Going To School.
    I Was 5 Years Old
    I Felt Afraid And One Of The Big Kids
  • Its A BOY

    Its A BOY
    My Brother Adrienne Was Born. Another Feeling I Couldnt Explain It Just Felt Good To Have A Brother.
  • Disney World

    Disney World
    My 1st Time Going TO Disney World For The First Time. It Was One Of the Best Times In My Life
  • Graduated From Elementary School

    Graduated From Elementary School
    Age 11
  • Im A Freshman !!!!

    Im A Freshman !!!!
    My First Day Of High School At Meade Senior High School. This Was An Exciting But Scary Feeling. I Was Officially A Big Girl.
  • Love ?

    Love ?
    I Met My Very First Boyfriend. I Thought That We Were Goin To Be Together Forever. It Was A Very Emotional 2 Years Because We Were So Young. But Ayye I Was Feeling Older And Loved By Someone Other Then My Family.

    I Had To Transfer Schools And I Transferred To Glen Burnie High School and Became A Gopher. I Was Nervous And Upset Because I Did Not Wanna Leave My School At ALLL !