my life

By aznkid
  • my birthday

    i was born in lakeland regional hospital and was 7 lbs something ounces.
  • Period: to

    daryun vannabouathong

  • my sister was born

    on this day my first baby sister was born
  • 1st halloween

    this day i went trick or treeting for the first time and i dressed up as a lion cub:D
  • massachussettes

    my dad tuaght me how to fish for the first time
  • 2002 addicted to fishing

    i was soooo addicted to fishing and i always made my dad take me with my grandma
  • chicken pocks:(

    i had my first and last case of horrible chicken pocks:/
  • 2004 spongebob party theme:D

    i had spongebob party with yummy spongebob cake:D
  • blues clues birthday theme xD

    i had an awsome birthday party and the theme was blues clues!:D
  • moving day;(

    we left my house in lowell mass to lakeland florida to live with my grandma untill we found a house
  • skating addictions:D

    i got my first skateboard and started to love skateboarding and got good at it!
  • 2008 disaster:(

    i went skateboarding with my uncle at a real skatepark in downtown lakeland and had a bad accident and hurt myself:(
  • New Deck(:

    i buaght my first zero skate deck:D and a pair of DC's
  • 2010 first girlfriend that i actually wasnt affraid of being with(;

    i had the first awsome girlfriend that i loved!!;D