My Life

  • The Day I was Born

    I was born at 2:04 P.M. on a Wednesday afternoon
  • The First Time I Went Skiing

    The first time I went skiing was in Park City, Utah
  • My Grandfather Died

    He died right near my birthday so my parents were not there for my birthday because they were at the funeral in New York
  • My Family Got Dogs

    We got two wheaten-terriers after the death of my first dog
  • My First Day at St. Mary's

    I had gone to the JCC for kindergarten and in first garde I switched to SMS
  • My First Concert

    It was Hanna Montanna and I slept through the whole thing
  • My first time at Sleepaway Camp

    Last summer was my fifth year
  • I moved

    I moved from Germantown to East Memphis
  • The First Time I Went to Europe

    My parents, Kaitlin, and I traveled first class to Switzerland, Austria, and Germany
  • My Cousin was Born