My LIfe

  • I was born.

    I was born.
    I was born in Regina.
  • First Steps

    First Steps
    I was around 1 when I took my first steps. I walked towards my grandmother.
  • My First Word.

    My First Word.
    We had a flowered chair. I kept staring at it and my first word was "flower." I would not say another word for a long time.
  • Older Sister.

    Older Sister.
    My sister is born into our family. In Moose Jaw, Sk.
  • Broke my arm.

    Broke my arm.
    I was laying on a couch, and I rolled off and landed on my arm funny.
  • Dance.

    My moms friends daughter was in dance so my mom decided that I should go in it as well.
  • Started basbeall

    Started basbeall
    My dad always wanted a boy, but my mom did not want me to play hockey so he put me in baseball.
  • First day of high school

    First day of high school
    I attended AE Peacock.
  • Western Canadians.

    Western Canadians.
    I got asked to play for the PA Aces. In Bc.
  • Summmer Games

    Summmer Games
    I was in summer games fro basketball. For the Southwest team.
  • Grandmas died

    Grandmas died
    Both of my grandmas died in the same week both of cancer,
  • Quit dance so I could play more sports

    Quit dance so I could play more sports
    I was now able to play in school sports. So i didnt have time to do both.
  • Rolled a quad

    Rolled a quad
    I was driving with my friend and rolled a quad. I got a concussion and a cracked tailbone.
  • Grade 8 Farewell

    Grade 8 Farewell
    I left Sunningdale school.