My Life

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    My Life

  • Police Officer

    I wanted to be a police officer when I grew up.
  • My dad's job

    I had once wanted to work with my dad at his job when I grew up.
  • A Doctor

    I had once thought of becoming a doctor when I grew up.
  • The Army

    I had also wanted to join the army when I grew up.
  • Freshman Year

    I wanted to do good in school so I could start off with a good year.
  • Sophomore Year

    I want to prepare myself for when I take the ACT next year.
  • Junior Year

    I hope to pass the ACT with a good grade.
  • Senior Year

    Have as much fun as possible.
  • College

    Go to oakton community college.
  • Job

    Find a job that I like and one that I
    can keep.
  • Apartment

    Find an apartment that I can live in on my own.
  • Car

    Get a car that i like.
  • Graduation

    I plan to graduate college.
  • DJ

    I plan to learn how to DJ.
  • Deadmau5

    I hope to meet deadmau5 sometime in the future.
  • Daft Punk

    I hope to meet Daft Punk as well.
  • First House

    I hope to buy a house big enough to accompany all my belonings.
  • Money

    I hope to have at least $1,000,000.
  • Fun

    I hope to have as much fun with my friends and family as possible.
  • Cars

    I plan to own a few really nnice cars.
  • Will

    I plan to write a will giving instructions on who gets my belongings.
  • Friends and Family

    Spend as much time with friends and family.
  • Travel

    Visit all the places in the world I've wanted to go to.
  • Death

    Die peacefully of old age.