• Born

    The day i was born
  • First Hair Cut

  • First day of school

  • Golden Birthday

  • Got my First Bike

  • Seen My Dad in Jail

  • First day at W-C

    First day at W-C
  • Started to like UFC

    Started to like UFC
  • Tryed Mtn Dew White Out

  • first Time i Had Stiches

  • Made this timeline

  • Graduated High School

    Start my life on my own
  • Went to Marines

  • Went to Collage

  • First drink

    First drink
  • Got Married to Megon

  • Had First kid

  • Started UFC

  • First win in UFC

  • 1 year anniversery

  • Knocked out Junior Dos Santos In UFC

  • Started owning Badboy Brand

  • Died