Purple reebok

My Life

  • My First Day

    My First B-day! or the day I was born!
  • Watermelon

    I like watermelon and this is one. Looks cool huh!
  • Christmas

    My 1st Christmas!
  • My 1st B-day!

    My 1st B-day!
  • Christmas

    My 2nd
  • My 2nd Birthday

  • Birthday!

    My 3rd! Wooooooo!
  • New Century

    It is the beginnin of a new century! Yay!
  • My birthday!

  • Sister

    My sister was born!
  • 5

    I turned 5 on this day! I finnally turned half a decade! whooooo!
  • Brother

    My brother was born on this date!
  • Emily's Birthdate

    Emily's Birthdate
    Happy Birthday!
  • 13, I finnally turn Thirteen. On a Friday?! OH No!

    I was lucky this day because it didn't fall on a Friday it fell on a Saturday! HE HE!
  • Solar System

    Solar System
    I just learned today that earth is very very small. And so are we humans!
  • Sun!

    This is a cool picture of the sun that I found today!
  • B-Day!

    Today is my cousin Julian's birthday!
  • Summer! YAY! (*_*)

    Summer! YAY! (*_*)
    OH ya no more school!
  • Dallas, Texas

    Dallas, Texas
    My vacation 2 Dallas was awesome! (*_*)
  • W Hotel in Dallas

    W Hotel in Dallas
    MY 4of July was awesome!
  • Backyard Campout

    Backyard Campout
    My Friend grace Came over with her sis and bro and we built a tent and slept in our back yard! (*_*) BTW This tent here looks exactly like mine but mine is alllllloooootttt bigger! :-)
  • Sleeping Over

    Sleeping Over
    I spent Da night @ my Cousins house! (*-*)
  • A Pic Of Me

    A Pic Of Me
    Me joking Around! (*_*)
  • My Cuz

    My Cuz
    modeling In her messy room! (*_*) LOL
  • My Cuz Emily With Her Bro SebasTian

    My Cuz Emily With Her Bro SebasTian
    Still In her messy Room! (*_*)
  • My Bro's 8th B-Day!

    My Bro's 8th B-Day!
    Have A Great BirthDay Tete! (*_*)
    BTW This isn't his BDay cake its just a pic 4m DA internet!
  • FIrst Day Of Seventh Grade

    FIrst Day Of Seventh Grade
    First Day of seveth Grade Sooooooo Excited!
    BTW: This Pic is da pic of one of my school's many murals!
    Hope You like it!
  • Officially aTeenager!

    Today I Officially become a teenager! Yeah! Wooooo!