My Life

  • My Birth

    This was the day of my birth, when everything started.
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    Life in Montreal

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    My life!!!

  • When i got Baptism

    I dont really remember anything about the day that i got baptism, cause I was couple mouths old.
  • Little Brother's Birth

    A year after my birth, my little brother was born on Christmas eve.
  • First time going to the amusement park

    I was 2 years old when I first went to the amusement park with my family, but I dont remember much about it, other than my dad winning those electronic car thing
  • End of the world

    End of the world
    I still remember on new years eve when everyone was freaking out because of the end of the wold.
  • Another Brother's Birth

    In 2001 my youngest brother was born, and nobody knew about my mothers pregnancy, but when they came back the baby was white cause his skin wasn't formed yet
  • First Day of elementary school

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    Life In Winnipeg

  • First Day of elementary school in Winnipeg

    First Day of elementary school in Winnipeg
    My first day of school here in winnipeg wasn't the best because i didnt speak a bit of english, and people didnt wanna talkk to me, so i kinda felt like a loner. But around the end of the year people started to talk to me.
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    My Life time in Provencher school

  • When i got my First phone

    When i got my First phone
    I got my phone a couple of days after, I still remember opening the box and turining it on and stuff, and telling people that i finally got a phone, after all these years.
  • First Day of HighSchool

    First Day of HighSchool
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    HighSchool time at The College Louis-Riel

  • First time when I got pulled over by the cops

    First time when I got pulled over by the cops
    First time that i got pulled over by the cops was really frightening, because I was driving with my begginner, and didnt have anyone with their full licence in the car.
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    My semester at Arts and Technology Center

  • Present Day

    My present days are relaxing, exept that i have to work practically every weekend, but other than that it's wonderful.
  • Getting My First car

    Getting My First car
    I cant wait for december to come, cause that's when im gonna get my Infinity G35, as a first car, and me and my brothers are so exited for it.