My Life

By Lesa N
  • My birth

    I was born at Plymouth General Hospital, in Detroit, Michigan. I weighed 8 lbs and 3 oz. I was 22 inches long, with brown eyes and black hair.
  • 3 months

    Went to the doctor and I weighed 16 lbs and 6oz. My mom kept notes that I was just starting to sleep through the night.
  • 6 months

    I was 19 lbs. I was also starting to sit up by myself and reaching and holding items.
  • 7 to 8 months

  • 10 months

    Took first steps, starting walking.
  • 1 year

    My 1st birthday
  • 1 year

    Weighed 25 lbs and was walking and running according to mother's notes. Saying a few words and had a liking for strawberries. Always took a nap.
  • talking

    Mom said I was putting sentences together andI wouldn't stop talking.
  • Mom pregnant

    Started clinging to her more
  • Mom had baby

    Brother Sean was born
  • school

    First day at preschool I wasn't very happy and throughout the year had a hard time adjusting.
  • school out

    My mom said I was so glad school was out for summer
  • kindergarten

    First day of kindergarten Birney Elementary School. Mom said I did better this time.
  • loss tooth

    First tooth came out
  • school

    Graduated kindergarten
  • Catholic School

    First day of Catholic School Gesu. Had to wear ugly blue plaid uniform.
  • Dad's father passed

    grandfather passed
  • Graduated

    Graduated elementary glad that horror is over. Excited about junior high school. It's summer, YEAH!
  • Junior High School

    Started junior high school, Clinton Middle School. Looking forwrd to change, can wear regular clothes no more uniforms.
  • Hormones

    Started menustral cycle. I was terrified. At the park across from my home.
  • First fight

    First fight at school.
  • Graduated

    Graduated Junior High School.
  • First Job

    First job at Stroh's Ice Cream Parlor.
  • High School

    Started first day of high school
  • Being Bullied

    First time remembered being bullied by two girls in school
  • Fought back

    Finally fought back bullies
  • Moved

    Moved to Southfied from oak Park was glad
  • Last day

    Last day at Oak Park High
  • First day at new school

    First day at Southfield Senior High School new start
  • Trying to fit in

    Having a hard time fitting into new school
  • made friend

    Made friend Cheryl White
  • summer vacation

    Summer vacation
  • 16th B-Day

    Turned 16, my dad let me have a party in the basement
  • Schools in

    Summers over back to the books
  • Basketball

    Played first basketball game
  • First date

    First date
  • Summer vacation

    schools out for summer
  • Im a SENIOR my brother is a freshman

    My last year of high school
  • First car

    My dad brought me my first car a Chrysler
  • Christmas vacation is over half way to graduation

  • Prom

    Went to prom had fun
  • Graduation

    Emotional time leaving high school
  • Job

    Got job at mall at J.L. Hudsons
  • 18th B-Day

    Turned 18
  • First day on college

    First day of college at Wayne County Community College
  • Brother is 16

    My brother Sean is 16
  • Grandma got married

    Grandma got married at 71 years old
  • Moved

    Moved to Arizona
  • came home

    Came back home couldn't be away for holidays
  • first trip out of country

    Went to Acapulco with my mother
  • pregnant

    Found out I was about two months pregnant
  • Its a girl

    Found out I was having a girl
  • Baby shower

    My baby shower
  • Michelle was born

    Day my daughter was born Michelle Ryan Nelson at 11:36 p.m.
  • First halloween

    Daughters first Halloween
  • First Thanksgiving

    Daughters first Thanksgiving
  • First Christmas

    Daughters first Christmas
  • First new Year

    Daughters first New Year
  • Brother is 18

    My brother turned 18
  • My daughter

    Started trying to roll over
  • Happy Valentines Day

    Happy Valentines to my daughter
  • My daughter

    Sat up alone
  • Happy easter

    Happy Easter to my daughter
  • 21

    My 21st B-Day LEGAL
  • My daughter

    Took first steps
  • Started walking

    Started walking
  • Brother is a senior

    My brother is a Senior in high school
  • Parents seperated

    My parents are seperated after 24 years together, married for 21 years
  • 1st B-Day

    My daughters first birthday
  • Brother Graduates

    My brother graduates from high school
  • Parents divorce

    Parents got divorced and my brother was devasted
  • Support my dad

    My dad was strugging with the divorce
  • Family Tradegy

    My dad tried to commit suicide, I found him
  • Dad improving

    My dad seems to be doing better now able to deal with the divorce. I'm so glad.
  • Grandma 75

    My grandma on my dad's side is 75
  • First day of school

    My daughters first day of pre-school she was sad and so was I
  • College

    Attending Highland Park Community College
  • Really enjoyed Christmas

    My daughter really enjoyed this Christmas, opening gifts
  • Brother 21

    My brother is 21
  • Pregnant

    Found out I was pregnant
  • My 25th

    My 25th B-Day
  • First day of Kindergarten

    Daughters first day of kindergarten
  • Daughter is 5

    My daughter is five
  • Baby shower

    Baby shower didn't know what I was having
  • First steps

    Took first steps
  • Son Born

    My son was born at 2:43 a.m.
  • First Valentines Day

    Son's first Valentines Day
  • Sons first Easter

    My sons first Easter he is two months
  • Sons first Halloween

    My sons first Halloween he was a pumpkin
  • Sons first Thanksgiving

    My sons first Thanksgiving
  • Sons first Christmas

    My sons first Christmas
  • First New Year

    My sons first New Year
  • Sons first B-Day

    My sons first B-Day
  • First walked

    My son first walked
  • Son almost drowned

    Son almost drowned in tub
  • Son woke up

    Son woke up from unconsciousness
  • Brother 25

    Brother turns 25 today
  • Mother's dad passed

    Grandfather passed
  • Out of school 10 years

    Been out of school 10 years
  • Auntie passed

    Auntie was like a grandmother to me passed
  • Grandma's 80th

    My Grandma turned 80 today
  • Diabetic Coma

    I went into a diabetic coma
  • Out of coma

    Came out of coma
  • Insulin

    Found out I was insulin dependent
  • Dealing with being diabetic

    Having trouble dealing with the diabetes
  • Started back to college

    Started back college
  • My 30th

    I turned 30
  • Son start kindergarten

    Son starts kindergarten
  • Daughter is 10

    My daughter turned 10
  • Son 5

    Son turned five today
  • Mom is 50

  • dad 50

    Dad is 50
  • Got engaged

  • Nephew Jordan born

  • Daughter is teenager

  • I got married

  • Y2K

  • Took my oldest daughter to concert to see Justin Timberlake

  • one year anniversary

  • 35 years old

  • Started working at Greektown Casion

  • Daughter 16 driving sad face

  • nephew Ryan born

  • Daughter graduated high school

  • Had third child daughter

  • Grandmother is 90

  • My oldest daughter is 18 going to college

  • My daughter is 1

  • The big 40!!!!!

  • Started working at Brinks

  • My favorite singer dies at 40

  • Son 16

  • Brother 40

  • Michael Jackson dies

  • daughter is 5

  • Grandmother turned 95

  • My son is 18

  • Broke up with youngest dad after 10 years

  • Son graduated received basketball schlorship to college

  • Grandson born

  • I had kidney and pancreas transplant

  • icon Whitney Houston dies

  • Grandson 1

  • returned to school to get Associates and Hit degree

  • Turned 45

  • Took youngest daughter to first concert to see Mindless Behavior and OMG my ear were pierced

  • Found out I had breast cancer

  • Grandson first day of school

  • Dad 65

  • had a masectomy on left side

  • Grandmother in first stages of dementia

  • Son 21

  • 1 year cancer free

  • Brother 45

  • second grandchild is born

  • Got degree

  • Brother will have his own dealership

  • Daughter 10

  • Found good job in hospital

  • *******Grandmother 100***********

  • Grandson 5

  • I hate to think this but my grandmother passes at 101

  • 5 years with new organs

  • turning 50

  • Daughter 13 teenager

  • Dad 70

  • 5 years cancer free

  • brother is 50

  • Grandson is 10

  • Daughter is 16

  • 10 years with new organs

  • Daughter graduates highs school

  • Daughter is 18

  • 10 years cancer free

  • Grandson 13 teenager WOW

  • I'm 60

  • Dad turns 80

  • turning 65

  • 20 years cancer free

  • Turning 70

  • retirement

  • Dad is 90

  • Turning 75

  • My dad's last day of life

  • brother turns 75

  • turning 80

  • Turning 90

  • brother is 90

  • Turning 95

  • Turning 100

  • My last day of life it has been a good one