My Life

By KJayy13
  • My Birth

    My Birth
    I was born February 19, 1999 at 2:45pm, during my doctors coffee break.
  • Bath Time in Banff

    Bath Time in Banff
    I don't know the exact date. While in banff for a family trip, i was playing on the rocks by a lake with my sisters and i saw a rock, the coolest rock, so I jumped to a different rock to go get it. As i landed on the slippery surface, I slid into the lake thus soaking me from head to toe.
  • Separation

    In 2003, my parents got divorced. I was only 3 years old so I pretty grew up around people yelling and fighting.
  • Tricycle Termination

    Tricycle Termination
    After playing with my on my tricycle, I left it under my garage door. Since my garage door does not have a sensor when it shuts it fully shuts! I came back out later to go and play on it some more to find the bike seat ruined to a point of no return.
  • A Monster Sized Party

    A Monster Sized Party
    For my 6th birthday my friend Ben and I shared a birthday party since he was born on the 21st of February. There was a monster truck show at the MTS center around both our birthdays so we bought tickets and it was my favorite birthday of all time1
  • Grand Theft Gummy Bear

    Grand Theft Gummy Bear
    When I was 6, my mom and I were in a store with jars filled with candy but what i didn't know was you had to pay for the candy, so after my mom caught me with a mouthful of gummy bears, she explained to me that we have to pay for the candy and that i can't just take it. After my mom paid for the candy we went home and i got an ear full.
  • From Trike to Bike

    From Trike to Bike
    The day i learned to ride a bike with 2 wheels. I was taught by my sister Courtney.
  • Down-stairs Tobogganing

    Down-stairs Tobogganing
    When I was younger me and my sister use to take the spare mattress in the basement and ride downthe stairs on it. We did this often and for hours!
  • Cracked Ankle

    Cracked Ankle
    When I was at Dylans cabin we were playing the the rocks by the lake and they were very slippery. While walking back to his cabins I slipped on the rocks and smashed my ankle. There was lots of blood and i got a scar from the incident.
  • The "Step"

    The "Step"
    In 2007 my dad got re-married, My step mom's name is Tanis.
  • Basketball!

    I started playing basketball at the age of 8 but my age group didn't have a team this year so I had to play a year up. I played community basketball for the Lindenwoods team.
  • Florida

    The first time i went to Florida i was 9 years old. My dad and step mom took me and my sisters to Florida. Since then i have been there another 2 times and it has become almost a tradition do go there every couple years.
  • First Swear

    First Swear
    The first time I swore was when i was watching one of the "Die Hard' movies. In one of the sences there is a guy holding a sign with a really bad swear on it, being the curious child I was I asked my mom what the word meant. She explain that it was a bad word and it was use to describe an African America peorson, However I got in no trouble because I didn't know what i was saying.
  • Football

    I started football at when i was ten years old. I played for the Crescentwood Grizzlies. We made it to the semi-finals that year. Football has turned into one of my favourite sports and I just finished my 4th year of tackle football.
  • Up and Over

    Up and Over
    While playing tag on a play structure in Gimli with my cousins and some of their friends, I was shoved out of the way by someone. I ended up hitting a bar that was at my waist level, which made me roll over top of it and right over the side. My face was scraped and cut all over and i could hardly breathe since the wind was knocked out of me.
  • Baby Sister is Born

    Baby Sister is Born
    My little sister Mckenna May was born Jan. 30. She is technically my half sister but I don't refer to her as that. She is currently 2, nearly 3.
  • The Failure in Finals

    The Failure in Finals
    In 2010 my football team made it to the finals and shut out every team until playoffs, but in the finals that changed jurastically. We ended up losing that game by a couple points which was a shock because we ran one play practically the whole game.
  • Grey Cup

    Grey Cup
    In 2010 I went to the 98th Grey Cup in Edmonton. It was not easy to book and after the struggle to get tickets we ended up getting extra tickets because our room had a special package. At first we had a normal room but the booking got screwed up so we had to get a new room, that came with a package deal.
  • Time for Twister

    Time for Twister
    While in a basketball game at Minneapolis there was a hailsotrm and a tornado warning at haftime. It was by far the scariest basketball game i have ever played and the scariest ride home.
  • A Rising Athlete

    A Rising Athlete
    I started playing rising stars basketball in 2011 for the Jr Bisons. We ended the season in 4 place. My friends dad was the coach so lots of my friends and I were on the team. It is my second year with the team.
  • The "Bear"

    The "Bear"
    While camping with my sisters, dad, and step mom we went for a walk in the forest. When we were near the end my step mom screamed "BEAR!" We all sprinted out of the forest, one of my sisters even started to cry! Turns out there was no bear and she was just trying to scare us.