My Life

By SLynnR
  • Dads birthday/ born

  • Mom's born/ birthday

  • I was born

  • I started walking without any help.

  • Great grandpa on dads side passed away

  • Great grandpa on moms side passed away

  • Kindergarten my parent broke up

  • Started school for the first time of my life.

  • Period: to

    My Life

  • Aunt got out of hospital after major surgery.

  • Busted my nose open in car accident

  • Great grandma passed away

  • Was undefeated (5-0) in Los Angeles, California basketball division and came home National Champions.

    We were the first girls team to bring back championship.
  • Saw my uncle and my grandpa for the first time since i was a baby, and can remember, at my great grandma's wake.

  • Busted my eye open and had to get stiches

  • Baby brother was born

  • Grandpa passed away (my dads dad)