My Life :)

  • It's my birthday ^__^

    On this day, I was born into the world at 10:48 p.m. The people responsible for this wonderful creation is Karen Tyler (my mom) and Ricky Smith (my dad) .
  • My first birthday

    I finally turned one. That day seemed like it took forever to come . However, this day was spent with my loved ones. Also,this is my older cousin Dasmon.
  • Im two

    My mom, dad, and I went to go take pictures for my second birthday. I wasn't too excited about flashes going off every second but I managed to look semi camera ready .
  • My first year of school

    This is where I went to elementary school. This was my first day at school. I felt like a "big girl". This school only had pre-k to 1st grade. So, I went to Ginter Park Elementary for 2nd to 5th grade.
  • Mommy brought home a surprise.

    On this day, I finally got what I always wished for, a little sister.
  • Middle School

    This was my first day of middle school. It was horrifying, but also a wake-up call. That's because I didn't know anyone and it was not anything like elementary school. No recess, naps, etc.
  • 8th grade dance.

    One of the last few days of being a middle schooler. Boy, Wasn't I excited ? My facial expression shows it all.
  • During my freshman year.

    This basically sums up my freshman year. I have made many changes since then. I was just proud to be in high school.
  • Sophmore year.

    This is my friend Glenna and I during Spirit Week last year. Hot Mess !!!! Relieved that I wasn't a freshman anymore and getting closer to be an upperclass man. Yay !
  • High school Daze.

    I am currently a Junior at Hermitage High. Making choices for better outcomes in the future.