My Life

By Jefrin
  • Birthday

    After I was born, My dad was informed so my Mom saw me first. I was very Quiet when I was a Baby. I was Born in India,tamilnadu, Maduri, Grace Nursing Home.The day I was born on was Wednesday. I was 60 centimetres. My Birth weight was 2.75. After 1 year I was taken to Velankanni Shrine to shave my hair. I was in the hospital for 3 days after my birth.Within 3 months I was crawling. After 1 month I got Batism in Chettivilai.
  • Baptism

    I got Baptism in my village church.The name of the church is St.Mary's church and village name is chettivilai Tamil Nadu India.This area's christianity was done by St.xavier.
    My God Mother is my Mom's Elder Sister.That day I stayed in my grandpa's house. It is one of the most important event for a Christian. The father poured Holy Water on my head. My dad said that's the beginging of Christianship. I also got a name that day.
  • My First Birthday

    My First Birthday
    I celebrated my first birthday in my home in Cuddalore. My father invited his friends to come on my birthday. We cut the cake after his friends came. They gave me presents. Grandpa gifted me a Gold Earring. After my birthday, 6 months later I tried to walk with the walker. My Mom's brother,sister.parents came to the party. My dad's parents,younger sister, eldest sister and elder sister to the party. My brother's friends also came to the party.
  • First Time I went to a Beach

    First Time I went to a Beach
    In my life, the first time i was seeing a beach. It was full of water and sand everywhere. When I was playing in the sand trying to make a house, my picture was taken as me and my dad trying to make houses out of sand. My brother was trying to put his leg in the water without being scared. My mom was talking unstoppable with her friend. The beach was called Sliver Beach and it was in India,Tamilnadu,Cuddalore.
  • Tsunami

    When we were in India the Tsunami attacked our place cuddalore as it is very close to Bay of Bengal.The water came into the town and we found water level near our house.Many people lost therir house and some people lost their lives.The American President Bil Clinton visited India where Tsunami affected plces. Luckly we Survied.
  • First Time I Burned The Sofa

    First Time I Burned The  Sofa
    I burned the new sofa at my home in India and my mom thought it was my brother doing it and he got punished. He told my parents that I burned the sofa. But they didn't Punish me! My dad soon came to know and we went to maduri few days after the acident. In the same week a tsunami hit the town.
  • First Time I Traveled in a Flight

    First Time I Traveled in a Flight
    I got like a painting or something to do. I quite liked the service. I was moving to a new and unknown world. My dad said I was very excited. I used to boast about going to thailand. My dad went first and Dealed with some stuff. Then He got us. From Maduri to Madrass was a Afternoon flight But from Chennai to Thailand was a Night Flight.
  • First time I went to Pattaya

    First time I went to Pattaya
    We went to Pattaya with My dad's friend's family. It was the first time we went in a submarine to underwater. We went on a boat to many islands such as the Monkey island, Where a monkey pulled on my mother's bag. We stayed at Pattaya tower. There it was luxorious. There was a swimming pool where me and my brother swam. It was so fun. I also built things and dug on the sand.
  • First speech in stage

    First speech in stage
    In the New year function in my colony I Told a speech in the stage.This was the first time I was giving speech in the stage in front of elders.After my speech everybody appreciated It and it was a very sweet moment.Initially i got tensed and after that I become ok. It was our first New year in my colony. It was infront of a person who works at the same company that my dad was working at.
  • My first school in Thailand

    My first school in Thailand
    In Aug 2007 i joined in AIT at Grade 1 and it was my first school in Thailand.It was very much exciting and i saw lot of children from different countries.It ws diffeent feeling and it was good. I had liked the teacher. I started reading books since I started grade 1. First I read small books at the library. Then I read the easy chapter books that my brother had. Now I can read very thick books, such as Harry Potter. I had started getting intrested in books since then.
  • First Time I went to Kanchanaburi

    First Time I went to Kanchanaburi
    We stayed at a hotel on a boat called a boat hotel, which also went up the hill along with the river. My dad's office companions along with their family and our family stayed throught the night at the Boat Hotel. We went mountain climbing and hiking at the hill near the forest. My family,me, my friend,my friend's family went to the old death rail and the water fall.
  • First time visited Bangalore Infant Jesus church

    First time visited Bangalore Infant Jesus church
    First time I visited the Infant jesus church at Banglore.It is a very famous church and lot of miracles happen continuouly.If you pray with full of faith you will get what you want.I prayed for my health. The Infant Jesus was so beautiful! I liked it there. We brought Rosaries, Bibles . statues of jesus and mary and important people. There were these cool statues that lights up when it's dark.
  • First Time I Visited my Dad's Friend's Family in Malaysia and Singapore

    First Time I Visited my Dad's Friend's Family in Malaysia and Singapore
    I had liked Ravichandran Uncle's Swing. And his son. I went genting and I went to the hillsides where it was very cold.Brrrrr. My brother said it is not cold but me and my mom agreed that it was very cold. It was the best moment ever. We had a lot of fun in santoza island. We saw a dophin show at santoza Island. The house we were staying in was not luxurious. We went to the twin tower. Science Park was Amazing.
  • First time Safari world

    First time Safari world
    In Christmas holidays we visited Safari world for first time.It was very good experience to see the animal very close.I saw the Tiger very close and the Lion very near.I saw the birds very close and we took lots of photos.When my dad driving the car I took photos. Me and my brother argued about who will take the photos. I saw one of the birds were walking on the road without feeling scared. And we missed some shows and more. But I have to acept it was one of the best time in my whole life.
  • Japan Earthquake

    Japan Earthquake
    This earthquake happend at my birthday month. And because of the earthquake, The sea started to shake and then it became a tsunami. And that tsunami washed away the cars, people and houses. The earthquake had hit a nuclear plant that soon exploded. Then again the same buildings were again hit by a earthquake after the first earthquake. So from then on there was water in Japan.
  • India Won the Worldcup

    India Won the Worldcup
    For the second time India won the worldcup of cricket. Dhoni had hit a sixer in the last ball. India vs. Srilanka. It was on my birthday. Even my favorite actor was there. My friends were over in my home for my birthday party and they saw the match. And if Dhoni hadn't hit a sixer we would have lost. Even Sachin Tendulkar says He was the best captain.
  • First Time I visited a church under the sand

    It was called Mother Mary of Sand Church. It was rumored to be found as a worker digging the sand and found the Cross. Then he kept digging until one part of the church was found. People say that a women was abused and that women was a follower of Mother Mary. So Mother Mary covered the city with sand. And they found only the church. When I was walking I got sprained.
  • Holy Communion

    Holy Communion
    I went to st.Thomas church to receive the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Few days back I asked my Family members about Holy Communion. When I went somewhere few days back I used to read my Bible instead of other books on my journey. Father Travis gave me the blood and body of Christ. We arived at the first thai mass. Then we waited for the english mass to start. I saw Tyra at the end of the mass.