My Life :)

  • I was born

    i was born to a family of 2 but later on grew into a family of 7 :)
  • Period: to

    My Life (:

  • i said my first words :)

    and my first word was daddy (:
  • i took my first foot steps

    i tripped a couple of times but i learned :0
  • siad my first phrase

    and it was yo ciero agua :")
  • when i got my first puppy :)

    it was a bllue nose pitbul called Rose
  • when my first puppy was stolen :(

    i was really sad
  • learned how to ride a bike

    the bike was pink >,<
  • when my uncle died

    and the worst part was that he died in my dads arms
  • when my anut died

    she passed away do to cancer
  • when i moved back to MADERA <3

  • went to mexico for the first time

    it was really fun
  • stared highschool

    it was pretty cool
  • finished my time toast lo :)

    it was fun i guess.....