My life

Timeline created by Chocolatosa
  • I was born, in a family of magician

    A happy day for my family
  • My first demonstration of magic

    I had my pet dance
  • My parents give me my first owl

    His name is Ceth. Is an owl black with small white spots on the back.
  • I buy my study materials

    I bought a black cat as a pet
  • I go to School Hogwarts

    I'm very excited and nervous
  • I was selected to Slytherin

    My family will be proud
  • I met my best friend Scorpius Malfoy

    Your company is very nice
  • Scorpius and I met with the youngest son of Harry Potter

    We can find it in one of the corridors of the dungeons, I was a bit lost, so we help. After that, we became very good friends the three.
  • First Quidditch match of the year

    I'm so excited, will be the first game I can watch live.
  • Albus, Scorpius and I decided to tour the Forbidden Forest

    After circling relentlessly, it gets dark. We tried out, but only walk in circles.
  • Forest Centaurs find us and guide us to safe grounds of Hogwarts

    Embarrassed, we thank the centaurs and headed to the castle, preparing for a good punishment.
  • The director takes us to his office to tell us about our punishment

    After a great sermon, informs us that we will have to spend two weeks cleaning the pots where students make potions.
  • They start small Christmas holidays

    Being my first year, I decide to stay at Hogwarts to spend this Christmas. Albus promised her little sister to be with her, so we'll stay and I just Scorpius.
  • My first Christmas at Hogwarts

    Scorpius and I are very excited about the gifts. Albus sent us a letter with gifts.
  • We boarded the express back home

    Albus, Scorpius and I agreed to meet at the holidays without fail.
  • Beginning of my second year at Hogwarts

    This year I can enter the Quidditch team, I am determined to be the finder of this and my next few years at school.
  • Auditions for the Quidditch team

    I turn completely determined until the Quidditch pitch. My friend Scorpius also audition for the position of hunter. Albus support us from the sidelines.
  • Results auditions

    All who attended the auditions for the Quidditch team must go to the field, will give us the answer. Scorpius and I were in the positions for which they auditioned. We're going to give the good news to Albus.
  • First Quidditch match in which I will play

    I'm nervous, but determined. We have to win. Ravenclaw vs. Slytherin.
  • Halloween Celebration

    A great feast awaits us in the Great Hall.
  • Christmas holidays away from Hogwarts

    Scorpius and Albus invites us to spend my Christmas in Malfoy Manor.
  • Christmas Party

    Tonight Malfoy family prepared a great feast. Scorpius's mother, Astoria, help me choose my dress, while boys are prepared in another room.
  • End of my second year

    Back home.
  • Beginning of my third year

    This year we go to Hogsmeade, I'm very excited.