My life

  • I was born

    Around 2:30 in the morning i was born in a hospital in Michoacan, Mexico.
  • Sad day

    My parents came to California but me and my sister stayed in Mexico. They came to California to work because were we lived they didnt make much money. they were also looking for a better future for me and my sister
  • My younger brother Sergio Jr was born

    My brother Sergio jr was born in the El monter Hospital. At that time i did not know of his exsisence.
  • Reunited with my parents

    Reunited with my parents
    Me and my older sister Areli finally got to see our parents. Me and my sister were nervous because we had not seen our parents. We also got to meet my little brother.
  • First day of school

    First day of school
    Me and my sister started school. We didnt know any english so it was even harder to start school not knowing the language the other kids spoke
  • My youngest brother was born

    My youngest brother was born
    We were suprised that my mother had a baby boy because the doctor had originalyy told us my mother was having a baby girl.
  • Promotion

    Me and my sister promoted from Payne school. That day was a sad yet happy day. That day was sad because neither of my parent were there to watch me and my sister. However my aunt Lucila was there so that made it all better.
  • Madrid Middle School

    Starting middle school was scary because it was so differnt from elementary school. First of all most of my friends went to a different school.Sacond was that we had six classes instead of one
  • Promotion

    My middle school promotion was boring and sad. It was boring becuse we had to practice so much for people to see us for just one hour. It was sad because my mother did not want to go but i got over it.
  • Drama Class

    Originally i was taking Chinese class but i didnt understand anything so i went to my counsler and asked for a schedule change. From there i was put in drama class.
  • My first play

    The first play i was in was called " Sometimes I Wake Up In The Middle Of The Night". I had two monolgues by myself and two monologues with some classmates.