My life

  • Sarah, Hannah and Tina

    Sarah, Hannah, and Tina have become my best friends. I can't imagine what my life would be without them. We have been friends ever since we were born, since our mothers knew each other. They have shaped my life and interests, and although we are apart today, they will always be part of my life.
  • Learning Piano

    In the summer I first started learning piano, I never knew what an impact music would have on my life. Unlike many others, I have kept playing and practicing for 8 years now, and I have a greater appreciation for classical and contemperary music. I think that starting piano opened me up to new fields of music, like singing and playing the flute as I do now.
  • Claria

    Claria came into my 5th grade class in the middle of the year. She was an outcast for a while, but we quickly formed a close bond. She brought her unique interests and talents with her, and because of her I explored my own abilities at drawing, and gained more self-confidence in art-related assignments. She also introduced me to manga, which I still enjoy reading today.
  • Getting into Oxford

    Oxford has changed my life. The totally different ways of teaching and handling students' growth has shaped me differently than my friend Tina, who took the traditional path of going to our home school Lexington and on to Cypress Highschool. Attending Oxford has been a valuable experience with good friends and teachers, and I appreciate the opportunities I have been given at Oxford.
  • Dad's Cancer

    My dad found out he had breast cancer somewhere in the middle of my Oxford years. This challenge has shaped my views on life and suffering, and living with my dad through his pain has made me stronger and willing to overcome greater challenges together with my family.
  • Washington- Boeing

    The Boeing Company seems to be the only employer suited to my father's eduation and interests that offers health insurance. Since the company has been moving its projects to other states, my father is bound to follow them so he can keep his job. My dad moved to Washington to work with Boeing, and came back to California for his cancer treatment. Because of the job situation, my family will most likely move to Washington this summer, putting the course of my life in a different direction.
  • Swimming!

    Ever since I started swimming a while ago, I loved it. Joining the Oxford swim team this year informed me of my obvious passion to swim, and will influence me to keep swimming no matter where I go.