• Day of concievement

    On 5:56 in the morning i was born. My head was too big to go through so they had to do a c-section. From then on, my life was ahead of me and i had to make sure i made the right directions
  • Period: to

    Birthday to today

  • Coming to america

    My dad got a mail in his office where he worked. He opened it and was shocked. Our family had won the lotter and been qualified to come to america with a permenant residence. THis changed the course of my life because i wouldn't have to be living in my anarchy striked country.
  • First day of kindergarden

    This was the first day of kindergarden.In nepal, we had learned a lot more than in america. For example, i knew my multiplication tables up to 12. This gave my parents the idea that i could be great at academics, something that i didn't show back in nepal.
  • 3rd grade CST scores

    In 3rd grade, i got my first double 500 score. From this point on, my dad pushed me to my limits when it came to my studies. He wanted me to do the best in school and be ahead of everyone.
  • Going back to america

    It had been nearly 5 years since i had been in nepal. Back then, the country was about to have anarchy but was still safe and clean. When i went back, i was shocked. There was trash everywhere and the government was in meltdown. It really made me happy that i was living in america
  • My acceptance to Oxford

    When i got accepted to oxford, i was extatic. Oxford would ba a rigorous school that prepared me for college. I was confident that my life was going the right path.
  • My inspiration for the future

    When i first heard that some of my cousins wanted to go see contagion, i wasn't that interested. But after seeing the movie, i realized that this is what i wanted to do in my future. In the movie, epidemiologists try to cure a pandemic. Then when we were studying diseases in health, i dug deeper into epidemiology and was sure that epidemiology would be my future.