My Life

  • when I was born

    when I was born
    I Was Born in the morning prior to me being born i have 12 brothers and sisters,I Weighed 10pounds 8ounces.
  • When I took My 1st Step

    When I took My 1st Step
    I Took My 1st Step May 18 2001 While I was at my aunt house and i was walking around the table then I Jumped up and started walking with out the table.
  • learned to read

    learned to read
    I Learned how to Read In Preschool.
  • My 1st Day of Kindergarden

    My 1st Day of Kindergarden
    my 1st day of kindergarden I was kinda shy because i did not no anyone,But after Awhile I Was Okay.
  • Rode My Bike

    Rode My Bike
    When I 1st Rode my bike with out trainig wheels i was scared because it was leaning and it was big.
  • lost my 1st tooth

    lost my 1st tooth
    I Lost my 1st tooth while eating a popcicle and i was eating it and then when i took it out my tooth was on it.
  • 1st job

    1st job
    I Was 10 and my mom went to the mall and i hadf to babysit my brother.