my life

Timeline created by Becky1998
  • my birthday

    my birthday
    my date of birth.
  • my first night

    my first night
  • my first christmas

    they brought a talking christmas tree for my first christmas
  • starting feeding myself

    was on solids and feeding myself
  • my first wedding

    my first wedding
    my mum and dads wedding
  • first holiday anglessey

    first holiday anglessey
    my parents honeymoon
  • first talking

    my first word was dada
  • first time walking

  • first proper birthday

    first proper birthday
  • my first book

    three billy goats gruff for over 12 months driving my dad mad
  • first day of nursery

    first day
  • first day of school

    primary school
  • holiday to bugaria

    holiday to bugaria
  • first holly comunion

  • first holiday without parents

    first holiday without parents
  • first day junior

    first day junior
    my first day of year 3
  • comfirmation

  • my first day school

    high school