my life

Timeline created by hopo1932
  • i was born

    i was born i weighed 6 pound 10 qunces
  • Period: to

    my life

    my life to this day
  • i spoke my first words

    nana and gangan
  • i took my first steps

    wooooooo i can walk
  • i broke my first bone

  • i attended surestart

    for 6 months
  • i started primary school

    i attended our lady's fenton
  • i was baptised

    i entered gods world
  • i went to blackpool for the first time

  • went to spain

    my first time abroad
  • my grandad sadly died

    he was my bestfriend i loved him greatly and he was the best ever
  • my first borther was born keaton

  • first communion

  • went to canada to visit family

  • my second brother was born cody

  • i was confirmed

    i entered gods world with my own words
  • my thrid brother was born logan

  • my mum is curently pregnant with a boy