My Life

By Abby13
  • My Birth!

    This is the day I was born, Friday November thirteenth, 1998
  • My Burn

    I was burned by a hot water humidifyer that was on the ground.
  • My Little Sisiter

    My Little sister was born on March 5th 2006
  • My Dads Marrige!

    My dad married my step mom on this day :)
  • I moved to South Carolina

    I moved to South Carolina when I was Nine
  • My Golden Birthday!

    This is the day when I turned 13!
  • Back to MN

    I moved back to Minnesota!
  • My Grandpa Died

    This is the day my grandpa died of pankriatic cancer :(
  • Going to Washington State

    This is the day I went to Washington State for 6 days!