My Life

  • The birth of Jessica Alicia Rachel Wiltshire.

    The birth of Jessica Alicia Rachel Wiltshire.
    I was born on September 12, 1995 In NorthYork General hospital in Canada. I was described as a small baby with a fair amount of hair and looked exactly like an asian baby. I was born in the morning with my brother dad and grandparents in the room. I was a gentle baby who rarley cried and was described as "precious". I was the youngest in my family.
  • Moved back to Jamaica

    Moved back to Jamaica
    My family spent three months in Canada with my grandparents then we left to go back to Jamaica. My parents were living in Jamaia. They had my brother and I in canada cause they thought it would be better to have a Canadian citizenship. I was 3 months old when I moved back to Jamaica.
  • My dad was sent to Prison

    My dad was sent to Prison
    My dad went to prison because he got into an dispute with someone and his anger got the best of him which result to him being sent to prison for eight months.
  • My mom left my dad

    My mom left my dad
    My mom left my dad because she was seeing someone ese while she my dad was in prison.
  • Moves back to Canada

    Moves back to Canada
    WE moved ack to Canada in 2004 to live. The transition was very difficult consdering I grew up in Jamaica all my life and now I was moving to a new counrty.
  • Brother leaving

    Brother leaving
    My brother got in trouble at Markville Secondary School, and my mom therefore sent him to live wiht my dad and his family in Jamaica. This was one of the hardest times for me. because my brother was my best friend and the only consecutive thing in my life.
  • Mom got married

    Mom got married
    My mom got married again in the summer of 2005. She got married in Negril in Jamaica. It was a nice wedding and the best day to have it on because of the beautiful weather.
  • Report card.

    Report card.
    I got my first report card in grade 6 without any R's or F' on it. I was very plaesed and very happy. This was one of my biggest accomplishments when I was younger because it showed me that I believed in my self and I have the power to put my mind to anything I'd like to do in life.
  • Divorce

    My mom and her new husband got divorce.
  • Graduation

    Graduating elementry school was a big deal for me as this was my comfort zone that I was used to. Highschool would be a huge change for me because I would make new friends and lose old friends.
  • Highschool

    First day of highschool was finally here and I was mixed with a bunch of emotions. But the one big emotion I remember was fear. I was affraid of highschool because it was very different from elementy school. IT was my frst day of Markville Scondary highschool.
  • Moved

    I moved out my mom house on this day. It was very hard adjusting to school in a new environment.
  • My goal at 20

    My goal at 20
    My goal at 20 is to have found a career I enjoy and accomplishing it in univiersity. I hope this career will be a vet. If I work hard at the subjects I kno I will succeed and accomplish my goal.