• I was born

    The 2 of november 2000 I was born
  • My first christmas

    The 24 of december I had my first christmas
  • New Year

    My first new year
  • My first teeth

    Finally my tooths started to come out, this is great !!!
  • First birthday

    At last my first birthday came
  • My christening

    The church named me as Daniel and it is The start of my christianity
  • 2 chirstmas

    My second christmas came
  • 2 new year

    The 31 of december 2001 was my second new year
  • My first step

    In this date I started to walk it was amazing
  • My first trip

    On june 2002 I had my first in a airplane it was to Santa Marta
  • Kinder-garden

    I entered to kinder-garden in USA
  • My dad went away to USA

    My dad moved to USA, Pittsbugh in Pensilvania to study
  • My 2 birthday

    My 2 birthday came !!!
  • 3 christmas

    My 3 christmas was different because my dad wasn`t there with me
  • 3 new year

    2003 came after a good year but my dad wasn`t there which made me sad
  • I moved to USA

    In this date I moved to Pittsbugh to be with my dad while he studied
  • 3 birthday

    My third birthday was interesting becuase it was out of the country and with new friends
  • 4 christmas

    My fourth christmas was in USA and there was snow every where !!!
  • 4 new year

    New year in another country is grate there are many parties and fireworks
  • My first paint exposition

    I was so happy in my kinder garden they mmade an exposition of my first art
  • knowing new places

    amazing I visited New York the buildings are so high
  • more places

    I visited the niagara falls and got near in a boat
  • 4 birthday

    We made a party and someone gave as a gift me some tickets for a circus
  • Back to Colombia

    After two and a half years I came back to Colombia
  • The English School

    I entered to TES in Pre-kinder level
  • 5 birthday

    My birthday after coming back to Colombia was with new friends

    DOGGY is my dog actually he is 6 years old and his birthday is the same day as mine
  • New level

    I finished Pre-kinder and passed to Kinder
  • 6 birthday

    Then I was 6 I am proud
  • another year to come

    i finished Kinder and started Transition thr last year of Preeschool
  • 7 birthday

    getting older every year
  • Finished Preeschool

    I started a new chalenge
  • 8 birthday

    my eight years in a new level I feel big !!!
  • vacations to orlando and pittsburgh

    I went to Orlando it was fun and I went to Pittsburgh for my fathers graduation
  • 2 grade

    I passed to 2 grade one of my best years ever !!! I also made new friends
  • 9 birthday

    Very near to be 11
  • I went again to Orlando

    I went again to Orlando because I liked it last time very much
  • thrid grade

    I entered to third grade and also made new friends
  • 10 birthday

    I am ten and I can do things I couldn`t do before
  • uncle died

    my aucle die because of a disease called leucemia
  • first comunion

    It is a ceremony that represents reciving god
  • 11 birthday

    my last birthday was fun we went to race in karts and I had many footballs as presents
  • good bye primary

    After four years of primary at last I finished and I am going to pass to bach
  • First day in bach

    My first day in bach is going to be amazing !!!
  • 12 birthday

    My twelfth birthday is going to be grate I feel very big
  • My art

    I like to have my first big art exposition in the place where I paint
  • New language

    I will start studing german so in the future I can travel to Germany to study
  • 15 birthday

    For me my fifteenth birthday is going to be great
  • Good bye school

    My last days in school I AM SO HAPPY
  • Starting a new life

    My grown up life will start with the university I would like to study engineering or arquitecture
  • 18 birthday

    What I most like of this date is that I can start driving and I will be treated as an adult
  • good bye university

    I will finish my university and I would like to specialize in other country
  • traveling and studing

    I will travel to Germany to specialize in engineering
  • My new home

    I have finally finished all my studies and I am going to build a new home in Germany
  • My first enormous chalenge

    I am traveling to Japan because they called me to help designing the tallest building of all the world I am so EXCITED
  • My new idea

    After five years of hard work and presure I have finished my first big job and now I have designed my first car model
  • My wedding

    I have met a woman and now I have got married with her
  • My new company

    I have shown a group of people my car design and they liked it so they are going to give me support for doing my own car brand
  • bigger family

    My son has born I am so happy now that I am a father
    I am going to name him Sebastian
  • Happy four

    My second son is born and now we are a happy family of four
    I am going to name him Juan Daniel because my mother wanted to name me like that
  • moving again

    I will move to USA with my family and stay there to live