My Life

  • Birthday

    Day i was born
  • First Word

    My first word was whoop there it is . Lol
  • Cat Scratch

    First time i ever got scratched by a cat was when i was 3
  • Big Change In My Life

    I got tooking away from my mom under my dads custody
  • Big house

    My grandma got a big 5 bedroom 2 bathroom for our family me my mom my sister and brother and uncle's and her and her husband my gramps . it was the biggest house we ever lived in all togther smh
  • Stiches

    my brother had broke some glass and nobody picked it up . so i was backing up and i had stepped on the glass . i had to go to the hospital . i got stiches on the side of my feet .
  • Traveled

    Traveed to missouri to live with my mom in cape .
  • Big Lost

    I lost my great grandma . And i didnt got to the funeral . :(
  • Cousins prom

    Went to my cousins prom my first prom i ever went to it was sooooo fun .
  • We traveled

    We travled to arkansas
  • TRIP

    i took a trip with my dad and brothers for memorial day to missouri i had fun spending time with my dads side of the family ( :
  • Traveled back

    i traveled back to minneasota to live with my dad
  • Travled alot

    I traveled back with my mom then back to minneasota with my mom . Then back with my dad and went to north'view brooklyn park
  • my birthday

    I went to school and had soo much fun with my friends ( :
    but i aint really do nothing special .
    but at least i spunt it with my friends .
  • Valentines day <3

    My Other school northview had a dance that day and soo i woke up went to school and a day befor that i brought my bestfriend and my boyfriend and cousin something for valentines day . my boy cousin gave me a heart . and my boyfriend gave me some chocalates <3 ( : i was sooo happy . after the dance i spunt time with my boyfrienddd ! .
  • The bridge

    i got sunt to the bridge because i ran away back to brooklyn park i wus there for all most a week i went through counceling and stuff
  • Saddest change in my life smh TRAGIC

    I moved back with my mom . Had to leave brooklyn park and all my friends and my favorite school northview and had to leave my dads house :/
  • Ran away

    I ran away back to brooklyn park and then had to go to the bridge and got out and now im here ughh :/
  • Lock in

    my old school had a lock in . a lock in is when we get locked in the school till 2 until 10 soo as soon as school ends at 2 we got locked in only the kids that can come but i went swimming and stuff with my friends it was fun