My LIfe

  • Birth

  • First Year Of School

  • I Hated My Teacher

  • 1st Baby Brother

  • Learned How To Ride My First Bike

  • First Clown To Ever Scare Me!

  • Went To Mexico To See My Uncle

  • Went To California

  • Me And My Lil Cuzin Were In A Car Crash

  • Went To Disney World

    I had A great time when I had went to Disney World with my Godparents. It was a long ride there but was worth every moment. on our way there we had stoped to stay at a hotel for the night to rest, the hotel had a huge pool that we went in. I had fun there was a slide for the pole and everything. But at Disney World I had A blast I didnt even want to live I took A thousands of pictures and, still remeber when I didnt want to to let go of Mickey Mouse's hand:)
  • Wnt To Texas To See My Great Grandma

    Another long trip I took to go see my Great Grandma in Texas with my Aunt. When we got there I was so excited to see her because I hadn't seen her in so long. We had a great time going to the beach and visted my other relatives that were there. I love they way my Great Grandma cooks she is Amazing!! I love her Empanadas they are a delicious mexican food plate.
  • Saw My Lil Cuzin GEt Ran Over

  • Went Camping

    My Godparents usally take me camping every summer, I always have fun. We were making marshmallows and I got really messy and wiped all the chocolate on my Godfather its was very funny! I love it when my Godfather dresses up like an Idian and runs around the camp fire like crazy! But the most part I liked the most is when we play golf and get on the bungee jumping.
  • Shot A Rabit

  • Broke My Wrist

  • Visted Mexico

  • SAw Some One Get Shoot And Died

  • Got Pepper Sprayed

    Its was a Beautiful day when me and my friends were walking around and saw some girls fighting. Then one of the girls pulls out their peper spray. She tries to spray the girl she was fighting and instead sprayed me and some guy in the eyes. I was very mad I was about to beat her up myself but she ran. When that happen my guy friend pulled my arm and put my face in the water where the fire hydrant was. My eyes were stinging every one was telling me to calm down.
  • Moved To Minnesota

    Well I moved to Minnesota in November I had hated the idea, I even hate the most fact that my mom took us away from my family that I miss the most. I hope to move back there when I graduate which I know I am. But I am very happy that I meet the people that I talk to in Minnesota. It is very boring all the time at home, I never have anything to do I miss Chicago A Lot, espicaly my best friend my everything Cleste and my Grandma and sister and the rest of my family. Cant wait to go move back:)
  • Went To California To See My God Mother's Aunt