• My birth

    My birth. I was born at 4 p.m. at Holy Redemer Hospital. Very important event...for very clear reasons.
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    My life

    Timeline of important events my life.
  • The accident

    The accident
    The car that my mother was driving was broadsided by a woman who ran a red light in Holland, Pa. My mother took hours to be extracted by fire and rescue personnel. I was rescued by motorist that stopped and due to my small size suffered minor injuries. My mother spend time in the hospital and had to under go many surgeries to recover from the accident. This event made me an advocate of seat belts.
  • Third Birthday Party

    This is the first birthday party where I have memories of seeing family and celebrating. This event has always stuck in my mind when I think of my birthday.
  • Meeting my core group of friends

    Meeting my core group of friends
    Sometime around early July is when I met my core group of friends, who I still hang out with. Some of my fondest memories are with them. I think meeting them had a great impact on my personality.
  • Fourth of July Parade

    This is the first Southampton Fourth of July Parade I can remember. I have gone every year and still attend. The parade was a fond memory of my childhood.
  • Falling in Hershey

    I was running down a sloped parking lot in Hershey, PA when I tripped and fell. Skinned my knee down to the bone and still have a scar. One of my most painful memories. Because of this I hate to run on any hard surface.
  • September 11th

    I remember being in my 5th grade class room when we were told about the attacks on America. It changed the way I think about our nation. It also sparked my interest in current affairs.
  • Finishing Middle School

    I remember my last day of middle school and thinking how cool it was to finish middle school and head off to high school. Very profound day in my mind.
  • First job

    First job
    I began working at my first job at Southampton Estates a retirment community. I started as a server and in less than 2 years was the youngest supervisor in the company. I still work here part time as a supervisor. This showed me that I could accomplish my goals and taught me how to save money.
  • Meeting my future girlfriend

    I remember meeting my girlfriend, at the time I had no feelings for her and to be honest couldn't stand her. At this point I could not have even imagined being in a relationship with her a little more than two years later.
  • Love

    Took my "friend" Jenna out on a date to see "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". It was our first date.
  • Dating

    While I had some previous relationships I found different than ever before. I began dating Jenna. I found a perfect match and this has alter my personality and the course of my life.
  • Started as Journalist

    Started as Journalist
    In September I started work at a hyperlocal news website that covers the community I live in and surrounding ones. I am a journalism student and love being out in the community so this job was a perfect fit. I was promoted to editor and also through a partnership have my stories and photos published in newspapers like the Public Spirit and Trentonian. I am proud of my work on the job. I have broken almost every major story that has happened in the area I cover.
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  • Get married

    Get married
    I hope to get married to Jenna in the next few years and continue to work as a community journalist.