My Life

  • The Day that i was born!!

  • Period: to

    My Life

  • First trip to Flordia to visit my grandpa

    We went to visit my Grandpa in Flordia. He moved out there during the winter and parts of the summer.
  • The day my Grandpa died

    I was only 4 years old but i still remeber him today.
  • first year of baseball

  • My first year of playing football and basketball

    I played for the IHM football and basketball team in cincinnati ohio
  • Won the City Championship in football

  • The start of yearly trip to Gatlinburg for Thanksgiving

    My family and two other familes have been going to Gatlinburg for Thanksgiving since this year.
  • Start of high school

    I went to Anderson High School in Cincinnati
  • Graduated for High School

  • Started at NKU

    Strated at NKU
  • Went on the best vacation of my life

    I went to visit my uncle and cousin and we went to vegas and saw the grand canyon and went skiing in Utah.
  • Did a timeline for my EDU 348 class

    I have enjoyed this activity and plan on using it for my classes.