My Life

Timeline created by enicholas
  • Biosocial: The first two years

    Biosocial is the first two yers of life, where my body was starting to develop. It was developing emotionally and physically.I was born on february 17, 1991 and that is where it all began. My body size started changing throughout the two years, diffrent parts of my brain started developing as i got older. I started getting senses like hearing and vision.i started tasting things, smelling things and touching things.I was developing motor skills such as walking picking things up standing up
  • Period: to

    The stages of my life

  • Cognitive: The first two years of my life

    In this stage I am getting sensorimotor intelligence which means iam learning through my senses. This happens within the first 4 months stages 1 and 2. for example i know when i grab a bottle to suck on it.These are also know as circular reactions. stages 3 and 4 are secondary circular reactions which happens within 4 to 8 months. stages 4 and 5 are tertiary circular reactions these begin when they are a year old this is when they start responding not only to there own rections but other objects
  • psychosocial:The first two years

    This is where i started to develop emotions to things when i learned how to smile and laugh when something was funny. I also learned self awareness knowing i am a distinct individual.i start developing certain behaviorisms and temperment.
  • Cognitive: the play years

    during this time i am figuring out logic and starting to be able to have a conversation with another person. I learn what some of my limitaions are. also being able to understand the diffrence between belief and reality
  • Biosocial: The play years

    This is where my body starts changing and im developing growth patterns this would be considered a toddler.I start eating more and know more of what i like. the brain starts planning and analyzing i figure out whether im a lefty or a righty.
  • psychosocial:the play years

    This is a big part of emotional development. i start feeling guilt and shame which are devloped feelings. figuring out and emotional balance. angry emotions also came up and agression to show anger. knowing the diffrence between discipline and punishment
  • Biosocial: The school years

    during the school years also called middle childhood.this is where i started getting involved in acvtivities at school with groups of kids my age.also when i started getting sick more becasue at school there were so many germs. i ahd advances in brain functioning because i needed to learn more.
  • Cognitive: the school years

    the cognitive stage is when i get in to logic and start knowing how to make sense of things. i knew how to take instruction and listen to what people were saying.information processing was a big part to where my sensory memory, wokrking memory and long-term memory come into play.
  • psychosocial:the school years

    this was the prime time for making friends i was learning kore about myslef and others and how to react with them.I would do a social comparison. and then there was social acceptance.a lot of social awerness took place during this time in my life which also includes famliy life.
  • Biosocial:adolescence

    Where it all changes. this is where puberty begins for most and when my hormones started changing. when i started learnign aboiut my body and having certain emotions. i felt stressed at some times and sad at others and i was learning how to deal with them.
  • Cognitive: adolescence

    much of the peer pressure happens during this time and egocentrism. Where you develop two types of thinking:intuitive thought and analytical thought. transition and translation are something you learn how to tell the diffrence between.
  • psychosocial:adolescence

    im becoming more comfortable with my body now and im learning about sex and other things. im becoming more comfortable with my sexuality.i am starting to have relationships with kids of the other gender at school calling them my boyfriend.i started going through diffrent kinds of emotions like sadness and being angry and depressed. exploring all of these feelings.
  • emerging adulthood

    physical attraction becomes a big part of focus. attraction to the oppsotie sex. sexual activity goes on and getting comfortable with our bodies. liking who we are.we experimanet with things such as drugs and other things. this is where we point out stereotypes and we start being stereotypical this happens more in the cognitive stage.we develop morals for ourself and what we belive in. during psychosocial we start getting more intimate and share our feeling ans start life long friendships
  • the stages of adulthood

    this is where physical appearnce becomes everything. experimenting withh diffrent things to keep you young looking or maybe even get a tattoo. your brain starts aging along with the rest of your body. this is why it is important to keep your ody in shape as you get older.
  • late adulthood

    this is where aging and disesase happens. this is when pysical appearance doesnt matter as much anymore and you are more worried about staying healthy. finally where the wear and tear of your body catches up with you.and you really start feeling your age.the memory starts working slower and you start forgetting you are not as alert as you once were and everything slows down
  • death and dying

    this is where dying and acceptance takes place. where you learn to accept that it is your time you have lived your life and it is time to rest now. you start having to attend to the needs of dying and trying to prevent it as much as possible.