My life

By rojin@h

    I was born in Canada, York Central hospital into my loving family. Birth is a significant event in one’s life because it is the moment your welcomed on earth as a human. From that point on is where you begin your journey called life and face many more significant events along the way. Birth is significant because until you die it gets celebrated every year.
  • left canada

    left canada
    when I left Canada I was very young and I don’t remember very clearly, but this is significant in my life because if I were to never go leave Canada I wouldn’t have known another language fluently nor would I be introduced to my culture, because I got to go deep into knowing my religion and culture while I was in Iran. I got to learn to read and write in Farsi as well which is more education and knowledge for me.
  • first broken bone

    first broken bone
    when I broke my first bone it was the first majour pain i remember having and that pain always taught me to be cautious at the activities i get involved it, it reminds me to think about the consequences of the actions I take in life and that you can be only be resposnsible for them due to you having to suffer the consequence.
  • first day of school

    first day of school
    The first day of school is a day where everyone remember in their life because it is a big step in one’s life, first day of school is the very first door of education that was opened in my life and I find it very important and it was a day where I was so excited and happy that I will never forget because I felt as if I was grown up and I had to behave from that point on and the reason was school, in school your teachers teach you a kind of manners that is beyond what your parents teach.
  • first bank account

    first bank account
    When my dad got me a real bank account it gave me the feeling that I had to save up and it was one of the events in my life which made me become more responsible in my life and feel more grown up.
  • learned how to read the clock

    learned how to read the clock
    When you don’t know how to read the clock you don’t know what time is when you don’t know what time is you can’t manage your time, therefore you cannot plan ahead and be responsible. Leaning to read the clock taught me to manage my time in life and become responsible for my responsibilities in life, because everything in life has a time limit and not knowing it can ruin your life.
  • moving back to canada

    moving back to canada
    I moved back to Canada and I did not like it much, I was little and the change was drastic in my life. I went from speaking Farsi to having to speak English which was hard for me at the beginning and I felt as if I didn’t belong but it made me strong as a kid and later on did not let anything to get to me. But this even was significant because I met my amazing and wonderful best friend on the first day of school; I got to learn English and French. Most importantly if this event hadn’t occurred I
  • moved houses

    moved houses
    this event is significant in my because scince 2005 untill now i have grown up in the same house and i have many memories from our house. ive had many significant events happen in my house. In my entire life I have moved houses twice, there was the house I was born in and the house in Iran and the second moving was big for me because I had to change my school and I found new friends and ever since we’ve been living in the same house and in every corner of this house there is good and bad memory
  • I met my best friend

    I met my best friend
    I have had many friends in my life but my best friend and I have always had a different bond than any other of my friends. She has been there for me in the worse situation and the best, she is more than just a best friend to me, and she is exactly like a sister to me. We fight and argue like sisters but at the end of the day no matter what we have each other’s back and are attached by the hip (as we’ve been told). She know me better than I know myself and out families know each other ever since
  • First cellphone

    First cellphone
    I was very happy and excited when my parents got me my new cell phone. When I got my first cell phone I had a feeling that my parents had trust in me and believed that I am mature enough to handle a phone, it taught me responsibility towards an object and it made me feel trusted. My cell phone up to today plays an important role in my life. Without it I would be lost… no joke.
  • grand pa's death

    grand pa's death
    I had a strong bond with my grandpa since my other grandfather had passed away when I was very young, I had never had any of my loved ones gone in my life before and when I experienced my grandfathers death it was a new feeling for me, you feel like something is missing in your life. It was like waking up and not seeing someone you would see everyday especially if you loved to be around that person. My grandfathers loss was very hard for me to understand because it was my loved ones loss which w
  • graduation

    I had a rough time in elementary school which made school unpleasant for me, and graduation was an escape from elementary for me to a place where I would get to start off new, graduation was significant in my life because I had to change gears from elementary to high school.
  • first day of high school

    first day of high school
    First day of high school was scary for me because I went from being the big kid in the school to the little kid in the school, in high school responsibilities are more and it is another step closer to your future (university/college). High school is when I started to take school seriously and truly care about my education.

    I never got the opportunity as a kid to visit Disney and when this year for Christmas I got the chance I was overwhelmed because when I was a kid I used to watch all the Disney princess movies but never got the time to visit Disney. It was a big deal to me and even though I'm no longer a little five year old girl I still enjoyed myself as if I were a little five year old girl again, visiting Disney made me connect and go back to my childhood fantasies.
  • coarse selection for grade 11

    coarse selection for grade 11
    Grade 11 coarse selection is different from grade 9 and 10 because I was planning out the next six years of my life every coarse I picked had to be the exact coarse I would need in grade 12 which would lead me to university and making the decision to pick my grade 11 coarses were like asking me to pick my future job and when you’re a kid they ask you and you would answer differently every year but when picking the coarses I needed was real, it was to make the decision of your futures path. Whic