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My Life

  • Birth

    I was born around 1 p.m. I am the second child at this point. My mom had an easy pregnancy. I came out crying! I was born at Annapolis Hospital.
  • Period: to

    My LIfej

    My life through the Biosocial, Cognitive and Psycosocial.
  • 1-2 yrs - biosocial

    I turned out to be a chubby baby. I crawled everywhere and got into everything. My mother did not breast feed me. My sensations and movements were normal at this age. My mom took me to the doctor to give me my immunizations.
  • Cognitive (1-2 yrs)

    I had a favorite blanky that I was attached to (object permanence). I can actually remember walking in my walker and hearing Christmas music. My first word was "mama."
  • Psychosocial (1-2 yrs)

    I smiled and laughed a lot. I also cried a lot. I would suck my thumb and hold onto my blanky at this point in time. I was potty trained during this period. I was attached to my mother and sister.
  • Early Childhood ((2-6 yrs)

    My baby sister was born and I felt very protective of her. I liked to color pictures and play in the water.
  • Preschool

    I am 4 yrs old and in pre-school. I had to take a test to see where I was at academicly. We mostly play in the sand and build blocks. I am kind of shy.
  • Parents divorced

    My parents divorced when I was 5 years old. Me and my sister are very sad and miss our daddy.
  • Age 10 - psychosocial

    I am about to go into Jr. High. I have lost my shyness and have a lot of friends. Home life is not stable.
  • Jr. High - physical

    I am on the swimteam, choir and basketball. I also get straight A's. My mom is married to my stepfather and we go camping alot and ride around in my mom's 65 Torino. We also have a lot of pool parties.
  • Dont know where I am going - cognitive

    I am in high school but I have moved around a lot in the past couple of years due to my mom not being a responsible adult. I started paryting a lot and slacking on my school work. I finally moved in with my grandparents where I still partyied due to lack of parental control in the past. I work at Burger King and go to an alternative education school because I could not get up in the morning to go to High School. I was very angry with everyone, including myself.
  • Graduating

    I graduate from high school, get my own place and get a full-time job. I was finally turning into an adult.
  • Moving - Psychosocial

    I was given the opportunity to move to Memphs, TN. So I went. This was a turning point in my life.
  • Birth of my Daughter

    I was overjoyed. This was the happiest day of my life. She was 9 lbs, 4 ozs. I brought her home the next day and her room was all ready.
  • Moving back

    I had started to hate Memphis. I moved back to Michigan and my family. Best choice I could of ever made. I am much happier that I came back to Michigan but here starts my addiction to pain pills.
  • Present day

    I work, go to school, sleep very little and play with my daughter who is now 5 years old. I am also sober and finally getting back to my old self.
  • Period: to

    My life

  • School - Cognitive

    I will have completed my Bachelors at Madonna University and start looking for a job as a Paralegal.
  • Startinga new job - Psychosocial & Cognitive

    I finally got a job at a very prestegious law firm that specializes in family law. I work 9am to 6pm and am now able to spend more time with my daughter.
  • Daughter graduating - cognitive

    My daughter graduates from High School and goes on to College where she is studying to be a Doctor while playing for the WMBA (Womens Basketball). I get promoted in my job and am making a lot more money!
  • Retired from working - Psychosocial

    I retire from my job as a paralegal. My daughter is now 26, married with 2 kids and I see them 3 times a week. My fiance and I are coming up on our 20th anniversary.
  • Late adulthood - Biosocial

    I am getting up there in age and my health is not good nor bad. I want to say that I have stopped smoking cigarettes by now but who knows???
  • House by the lake

    I live in a house by a lake where my kids and grand-kids come visit every weekend. We take out the boat and sit around the camp-fire at nights. It is my time to just relax and enjoy each day.
  • Dying - Cognitive & Psychosocial

    I am 78 years old and have a couple more months to live. I die of old age and how the past has taken a toll on my body and mind. My family surrounds me constantly. I give my daughter a box that I have held on to since she was born. Inside it is a quilt with important fabrics attached, pictures, and momentos. She will someday give this to her daughter.
  • Death - Biosocial

    My funeral, as per my wishes, is lively and entertaining. My family talks about all the great things I have accomlished, all the funny things I have said or done, and how much I loved and cared for people. My organs are donated to science and I get cremated. I sit atop my daughters fire place and watch over her until she can come visit me in heaven.