• i was born

    it was a glorious day =D
  • i moved to Williams Lake

    i was two when we moved to Williams lake but we didn't stay long.
  • we left and then came back

    we left Williams lake for the rest of BC
  • my sister was born

    the 30th of August my little sister kiara was born
  • i turned 13

    IT TURNED 13!! it was a great day
  • i got my dog

    i got my first dog and her name was asher!!she was really smart and super cute
  • my dog died

    my dog got Parvogh and she was super sick. we had to put her down a month after i got her

    my uncle came down from Vancouver island and he brought his dog and we had such a great time
  • i broke my friends ankle!

    me and my best friend we jumping on my tramploen and i double bounched her and she fell funny and i had to carry her to the van and we waited 3 hours in the emergancy room
  • my littlest sister was born

    my sister was born and i was in the room and i seen EVERYTHING!!! but i cried and she is so cute =D
  • i turned 16!!

    i turned 16 and i had a few of my friends over and my mom bought me a super great cake abd we made a huge dinner and we played just dance on the wii...it was most likely the best day of my life