• My Birth

    My Birth
    This is the day I was born at Kaiser Permanente.
  • Period: to

    My birth to the current day

  • My 1st Birthday

    My 1st Birthday
    This was my first birthday and i smashed my face in the cake.
  • The day my sister was born.

    The day my sister was born.
    This is the day my sister was born at the same hospital as me
  • 911 happened

    911 happened
    i was only 4 years old and i did not know it happened untill like years later when I would look at this book we had about it. My cousin, Chad was born on Sept 11th, 2000, so he was a year old when this happened on his birthday.
  • My 5th birthday

    My 5th birthday
    on my 5th birthday, I got a train table and I started Kindergarten this year.
  • Kindergarten Graduation!

    Kindergarten Graduation!
    On this day I graduated from kindergarten and La Sierra Academy from Mrs. Vaughn class.
  • Started first grade

    Started first grade
    On this day i started first grade here in Mrs. Beach's class.
  • Moved to Alaska

    Moved to Alaska
    This is the day we moved to alaska. We drove up there with a giant trailer, and went on a ferry.
  • 7th birthday

    7th birthday
    I was living in alaska and my grandma and cousins came up to visit us for my birthday
  • Went halibut fishing

    Went halibut fishing
    We went halibut fishing with my grandpa and we caught a 172 pound fish
  • My 8th birthday

    My 8th birthday
    My grandma took me to walmart and let me choose what ever i want from the store. I chose a batman utility belt.
  • My Brothers Birth

    My Brothers Birth
    My brother was born when we were in school in alaska.
  • I moved to arizona

    I moved to arizona
    We drve from alaska to arizona with a trailer again but this time we just drove through canada, oregon, washington, California, Las Vegas, and then finally Arizona
  • Went through 4 teachers in One year

    Went through 4 teachers in One year
    On my 4th grade year in Arizona i went to a school that required clear backpacks. The first teacher was sick for 3 weeks and then we ound out she was actually subbing for another school. The second was a sub that got hired but then fired within a couple weeks. The third was a guy that got fired after a month. And the last was the principle. We had a pool in Arizona.
  • Moved back to California

    Moved back to California
    We moved from Arizona to California to be closer to some more family.
  • Went to Outdoor School.

    Went to Outdoor School.
    We went to Outdoor School for our 6th grade trip. It was fun and really cold. Also there were a lot of lady bugs.
  • Started Jr. High

    Started Jr. High
    Started Jr high at La Sierra Academy which was an awesome expierience.
  • Catalina!

    We went to Catalina Island for our trip in 7th grade. The boat ride was horrible to the island almost everyone threw up.
  • My 13th birhtday

    My 13th birhtday
    On this birthday i got a laptop as a present
  • Baptized!

    I got baptized with Nathan, and Ryan on christmas day which is prety cool.
  • Went to D.C.

    Went to D.C.
    We left for Washington D.C. for our 8th grade trip. I met my uncle at the pentagon, were the guards asked him if he wanted to give me a private tour but he did not want to single me out.
  • Graduation!!

    Today we graduated at La Sierra University Church. It was a really good ceremony.
  • Went to Honduras

    I went to honduras with my church on a mission trip. It was really fun, we built a church in a small town.
  • Started Highschool

    I started high school at La Sierra Academy
  • Got a new phone

    got an iphone at the most inconveniant time because the new on came out not long after