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My Life!

By KNR0890
  • My Birth

    I was born on Aug 13, 1990 in Lawrence, Ks.
    I was born at 8:06 pm and weighed an even 8lbs.
    The first thing I did after being checked out and cleaned up was watch the Chicago Cubs game with my dad!
  • Period: to


    This is my life!
  • Fun Growing Up

    Fun Growing Up
    When I was little I loved getting dressed up and playing with Barbi Dolls. My favorite TV show was Barney!
  • Starting School

    Starting School
    I started School is Aug of 1995! I went to Riverside Elementary School. I was very attached to my parents, and was very nervouse about leaving them. I loved school because my sister was in 6th grade, so we were in the same school together.
  • My Big Sis and I

    My Big Sis and I
    My Sister and I.
    Growing up we were never very close. There is a 7 year gap in between us. I enjoyed spending my free time making her life miserable, and trying to get her attention. I really loved when her friends came over and I would try and hang out with them! However, after growing up we are now the best of friends! I am proud to say that my sister truely is my best friend!
  • Softball

    One of my favorite things to do when I was little was play softball. I was kind of a tom-boy and loved getting dirty and just having fun. I continued playing softball for the next 7 years. I played catcher and first base. My dad was my coach for all 7 years, and my mom was my biggest fan!
  • Life Change

    Life Change
    In 1999 when I was 9 years old my parents split up. It was really hard getting used to my parents no longer living together or getting along. Growing up I lived with both my parents, and continue to have a great relationship with both.
  • Junior High

    Junior High
    Growing up I loved school. I was what you called a teachers pet. My favorite subjects was English. I loved reading and writing. My favorite book in school was The Man Who Love Clowns. My favoite movie in junior high and high school was 10 Things I Hate About You!
  • Eye opener

    Eye opener
    In 2007 my grandma was diagnosed with cancer for the second time. For awhile we were not sure if the doctors had caught it in time. After a lot of surgerys and a lot of tears my grandma has been cancer free for 4 years now. However, I realized how strong my family really is and how imporant life is. My grandma is truely my hero. I strive to me as tough and brave as my mother and grandma are! They are truly my inspirations!
  • Im an Aunt!

    Im an Aunt!
    One of the best things that has ever happened to me was my nephew, Dagen, being born! I was so excited to be an aunt! The summer he was born I stayed with my sister and brother in law and helped take care of him. A year later I ended up living with them for awhile while I was in school. I love going home and spending time with him!
  • I graduate

    I graduate
    In 2008 I graduated from Lawrence Free State High School! After years of hard work I was finally done with school. My future plans at this piont were to go to KU and get a degree in elementary education. However, my plans soon changed. At this time I was working at a preschool in Lawrence.
  • Moving Out

    Moving Out
    After highschool I could not wait to be on my own! However, I sooned realized that it is not as great as I thought it would be. I had tons of bills and a not a lot of money! I missed my family more then ever and was homesick! I spent a lot of time wishing I was at home, and even more time at my parents houses! :)
  • Got Engaged!

    Got Engaged!
    My hubby proposed to me!
  • Kansas State University

    Kansas State University
    After moving to Manhattan to be closer to my fiancee I decided to give up my love of beong a Jayhawks and go to school to complete my dream of becoming an elementary teacher!
    I still love my Jayhawks, but love being a wildcat!
  • Im an aunt again!

    Im an aunt again!
    I was thrilled to find out that I would be an aunt again, but this time to a beautiful niece! After a scary phone call from my sister saying that she was having an emergency c-section, because the doctors could not get a hearbeat on my niece I rushed to Lawrnece, in time to meet my beautiful niece Delanie!
  • My Wedding Day

    My Wedding Day
    I got married to Glenn Peavey on Oct 16 2010! We were married in the Unity Church of Lawrence, in Lawrence, Ks! Our reception was at the Knights of Columbus. Our colors were hot pink and black.
  • My Familly

    My Familly
    My family is the most important thing to me. I love spending time with them and just having fun.
  • Currently

    As of right now I plan on finishing up school and getting my degree in elementary education. I would love to be a kindergarten or 1st grade teacher. I want to eventually go back to school and get my masters and even possibly take the English placement test, so I can be an english teacher for secondary students. I hope to move back home to Lawrence and eventually start a family! For now I am happy with where I am and the path my life is on!