My Life

  • The Birth

    Willie Lutz is born into this world on this greatest of days, He now enters the lives of his parents; Nick and Melissa Lutz
  • My brother

    On this day, my brother was born.
  • The First of Many

    I attened my first game at Riverfront Stadium. This would be my first of many Reds games that would soon come.
  • Kindergarten

    I was sent to a place that seemed a hostile environment. I was totally scared on my first day.
  • .000

    Well, in this year, I was worst baseball player on my team. I struck out on purpose because I was afraid of the ball. I batted right handed and didn't hit a single pitch.
  • The Snap

    On this day, I think, I broke my left wrist. I missed most of my season, although, in the long run it helped me. After breaking my wrist, I batter left-handed and I was a ton better after that.
  • The Hit

    It was a hot, Spring day and I stepped up to the plate. I hit my first homerun of my entire life. It was interesting, a lefty-lefty match-up.
  • Fenway

    Bengie Molina CycleThis is one of the best days of my life. I visit Fenway and see the Sox play the Rangers. Bengie Molina for the Rangers hit for the cycle.
  • Topes Baseball

    Topes Baseball
    My baseball team from that year. We were pretty good.
  • Any given Wednesday

    Freshman Football was acctully intense. We would take on undefeted Harrison and beat them to take control of the FAVC.