My life

  • The day i was born

    I am my mothers second child. I was born at 11:15 am.
  • I moved to Arizona

    Shortly after I was born my mom & dad baught a second house in Arizona.
  • My first birthday

    The best day of the year. I got a red tricycle from my grandma & grandpa.
  • My second Halloween

    For my frist Halloween I was Tigger from Winnie the Poo.
  • My second Christmas

    I was very excided for my new drawing pad.
  • My second birthday

    This year I found out how much I really love cake :)
  • I got my first dog Bear

    I got my first dog Bear at the pound in Woodbury Bear was 4 years old.
    He died in 2008.
  • I got my puppy Buddy

    I got my dog Buddy on the way out of my very first wedding
  • I went to my first wedding

    The first wedding I ever went to was my dads best friend Nate Smith.
    When we left I got my second puppy Buddy.
  • My 3rd birthday

    This year I got the best green wagon from my mom and dad.
  • My first dance class

    My first dance class
    I went to my first dance class with Meghan Taylor.
  • My 4th birthday

    My 4th birthday
    This year all of my cousins from Wisconsin made it up for my birthday.
  • I got my third puppy Hunter

    I got my puppy Hunter whan I was on a class feild trip to a farm I was in kindergarden.
  • My 5th birthday

    This year part of my birthday gift was to take a trip to Wisconsin.
  • My first day of kindnergarden attending St.Jude of the Lake

    St.Jude is a private Catholic school.
  • My 6th birthday

    For my sixth birthday I hosted a craft party.
  • I got my cats Snuggles

    My cat got this name because when we first got her she would curl up on top of your head and sleep there.
  • My sister got a cat named Princess

    We named her Princess because she was and still is very winnie.
  • My 7th birthday

    This year I got my first phone.
  • My 8th birthday

    This year me and Meghan Taylor went to Grand Rios water park.
  • We got a new dog named Sugar

    Sugar is my families 4th dog. We named her Sugar because she is sweet as sugar.
  • My sisters graduation

    Today my sister Hannah graduated 8th grade.
  • I got a swimming pool

    I got a pool for an early 9th birthday gift so we could swim in it.
  • My 9th birthday

    For my 9th birthday i got my second phone and it was pink.
  • Valley fair

    I went to Valely fair with my 5th grade class as a reward for being a patrol all year.
  • I went to Disney world

    I went to Disney with My dads girl friend Rebecca & her son Zachary.
  • My 10th birthday

    For my 10th birthday I just had family over and we went swimming in my pool.
  • My 11th birthday

    On my 11th birthday we went to Taylor Falls water park .

    Me, Katie, Annie, Elizabeth, and Paula all went with my mom and Milo.
  • My first time in the Bahamas

    I had my hair braided on the beach. It was very cool.
  • I went on my first cruise

    We were on the boat for four days. We went to the Bahamas. I went we my Dad, Rabecca & Zachary.