My Life

  • The day I was born.

    The day I was born.
    On April 12, 1992 I was born to Larry and Michelle Henderson. It was 9:34 pm, and I weighed exactly 7 pounds. I know they were more than happy to finally meet me.
  • Lauren was born.

    Lauren was born.
    Today I became a big sister for the first time. Her name is Lauren. I was very excited to see her. My dad thought she would be a boy, but I knew all along I would get a baby sister.
  • Kindergarten

    Today was my first day of Kindergarten at William Foster Elementary School in Garfield Heights. I was nervous to meet my teacher and classmates, but walking down the stree to ride the bus was fun.
  • Julia was born.

    Julia was born.
    Today my next sister Julia was born. It made me so happy to add another girl to the family. She had the chubbiest cheeks I've ever seen when she was born.
  • Andrew was born

    Andrew was born
    Today the family was completed with the birth of my baby brother Andrew. My dad was over joyed to finally have his boy added to the family. He was born right before we moved out of our house in Garfield Heights house.
  • Moving day

    Moving day
    Today I moved away from my house in Garfield Heights. I lived there for nine years, but it was time to move into a house that would fit all six of us. I was sad to leave my best friends behind.
  • Disney World

    Disney World
    During this week, my mom and dad took my sister Lauren and I on a trip to Disney World for our first time ever. It was so fun to see all of the characters and ride the rides in the parks. We got to eat with Cinderella in her castle on Lauren's birthday.
  • Driver's License

    Driver's License
    Today I finally got my driver's license. I was really excited to be able to drive on my own without my parents being in the front seat. I took my driving test in Garfield Heights, the town of my childhood, and the first place I drove after my test was past my old house.
  • High School Graduation

    High School Graduation
    Today I graduated from Twinsburg High School with a class of almost 400 students. Walking across the stage in front of the huge audience before me was a scary but exciting experience.
  • College Move-in Day

    College Move-in Day
    Today I moved out of my house in Twinsburg, and into my dorm room at MVNU. I was sad to leave my family and friends behind, but even more excited to meet new college friends and start classes. My roommate and I coordinated our room decorations, so our room was definitely one of the cutest rooms on the floor.