My Life

By batus
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    My life

  • My Birth

    My Birth
    I was born in 22 February 2001 but know I am 10 years old and I was just so cute when I was a baby and this photo is my facebook photo of when I was young not another child.
  • I my first Birthday

    I my first Birthday
    My first birthday was on 22nd February 2002 and I had become 1 year old and as I remember it was fun.
  • I moved to Dubai

    I moved to Dubai
    I moved to Dubai when I was 3. I dont really like Dubai that much because it's so hot.
  • My old school

    My old school
    My old and first school was Choueifat and that school was so strict and whatever you do you get detention.
  • My dog

    My dog
    I had a dog it was so cute but we had to give it back because it was so sick it vomitted everywhere.
  • My School

    My School
    My school is just awesome they are so kind not like my school I went before. My school is called Dubai International Academy (DIA) and my old school is Chouifat the mean school.
  • First time in DIA

    First time in DIA
    When I went inside the school I saw a clean and kind place not like my old school dirty and strict.
  • Christmas

    Chirstmas is coming soon we dont celebrate christmas but we get presents to each other.