• Period: to

    my life

    its very exciting and sad
  • my birth

    i was born premature in bad condition i might not have made it through it but jesus saved me for a purpose
  • my adopted family

    my real family couldent take care of me so they gave me up to be adopted so then my mom vickie long and my dad james long adopted me and they took me home where i had 3 sister's and 1 brother
  • basketball year i became happy

    basketball year i became happy
    i had to try out for something didint i? but what? i mean i love basketball and all but i didint know how good i was compared to other's so i did and we came in 3rd place and lost against the black team at chs=christian heritage school
  • my bite of anger

    my bite of anger
    i was starting to grow into an angerish mood that would hold a grudge that would break my family apart so they left and tore the bond apart exept for one of my older sister's and my older brother
  • my golden coin copping skill

    my golden coin copping skill
    i learned the most creative and helpful thing that helped me change my life it was skate boarding and i have entered alot of skate boarding tournements with friends and won most
  • the day that i changed %20 complete

    the day that i changed %20 complete
    this event is part of me and that will not leave me i hope its where my anger might die down it may rot a little bit but the grudge its still there it was like it was attached to my heart and before it could be removed it would explode with poisenious words and then it made me want revenge but i refused to let it all in i couldent keep all of it out it was too strong and it hurt me more than them
  • increased to 60% complete

    it's now starting to cure me the friendly call of my two sister's started to help me pull some pain and anger off of my life and some weight off of me cause i was starting to think jamie and heather hated me i was so relieved
    i was screaming with joy
  • its gone 100% is complete

    the pain was gone but what is going to happen in the future am i going to replay and mess up again i hope i dont
  • now

    now i lay in my dream's and backround's and my delay of doing my best in everything and im starting to lose it again
  • the thoughts and questions

    from 2010 of march 10 to now i wonder why my family i mean my real family gave me up i mean i know why but why they did what they did and even now through all my life i have never seen pic's or read letter's from them and i show deep emotion's to that but im happy with the parent's that im with now