My Life

  • Prenatal Development & Birth

    Prenatal Development & Birth
    May 17th, 1969 I was the first child born to my parents. Although my mother smoked, I was a full term baby weighing a little more than 8 pounds. There were no known complications during my birth.
  • The First Two Years

    The First Two Years
    In the first two years I grew in height and weight. My vaccinations were up to date and I was, by all accounts, healthy.
    I began to crawl, walk, run and talk. I even began climbing.
    My mother was a stay at home mom. I was rarely left in the care of people outside of my family and was very attached to both parents.
  • The Play Years

    The Play Years
    I Grew taller, was a picky eater and very skinny but was still healthy.
    I was extremely imaginative and daydreamed alot.
    I loved to play with other children, still very attached to my parents and very shy ( did not have much self confidence) loved to play with dolls and loved dresses
  • The School Years

    The School Years
    I continued to grow and became a little chubby around 11 yrs. old. I was slightly self conscience about my appearance.
    I began school and progressed normally. Throughout elementary school I was in the higher level classes, such as math and reading.
    I became involved in many activities in school and began to place more importance on my group of friends. I was still very shy and lacked self confidence. I was also still very attached to my parents
  • Adolescence

    Became very rebellious and was more interested in being with friends than at home. Became pregnant at the age of 16. I had to grow up very fast and begin making decsions for my self and my daughter. Became very concious of my well-being so that I could be around to take care of my daughter. Still did not see eye-to-eye with my parents.
  • Emerging Adulthood

    Emerging Adulthood
    Got married and had my son. I loved being a stay at home mom. I became very involved in my children's activities in school and out and socialized mainly with people I met through my children's activities. Began to get close to my parents once again and loved to be around my family.
  • Adulthood

    More active than in emerging adulthood, more aware of staying healthy. Began to become more independent emotionally and more confident in my capabilities. Decided to work outside of the home and ultimately go to college. Developed adult friendships and relationship with my parents and siblings.
  • Late Adulthood

    Late Adulthood
    Although my bone mass isn't the same as when I was younger I stay active by walking and participating in activities such as gardening and bowling. I work to keep my mind strong and sharp by taking classes in whatever subject interests me at the time and I read every night rather than watch T.V. I see my family more often since I am now retired and spend time volunteering at the Children's Hospital and through church. Life is a much slower pace than it ever was.
  • Death and Dying

    Death and Dying
    Although my mind was strong and I still felt I had a lot of life in me, I died at the age of 80. I became ill with breast cancer in the last year of my life and was no longer able to physically keep up with the rigorous treatments and therapies. I decided that I was content with my experiences in life and knew that my children had lives of their own and were well taken care of. Although there was pain associated with my illness, my family made sure that I was comfortable and died with dignity.