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My Life

  • Birth

    Born 3 o'clock, sharp. I had people to see, and places to go.
  • The Day I Became a Couch Potato.

    The Day I Became a Couch Potato.
    Hey! I even look like a potato in this picture!
  • My Third Birthday

    My Third Birthday
    I had a great time!
  • Rafting!

    I just got back at sunset after a fun day of riding on a raft.
  • My First Fish Caught

    My First Fish Caught
    The first fish I ever caught in Lake Tahoe, California.
  • My First Lego Creation

    My First Lego Creation
    A ship I made out of a Lego box set.
  • My First Guitar

    My First Guitar
    A sunlite spanish guitar my dad bought me at Mark's Guitar Exchange.
  • In Los Angeles

    In Los Angeles
    In a park in Los Angeles, were my moms hip got replaced.
  • My Little Sisters Birth

    My Little Sisters Birth
    My family cherishes the day the little angel(demon) was born.
  • My First Concert

    My First Concert
    I'm rockin out!