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My Life.

  • The Day I Was Born

    The Day I Was Born
    I was born, on a stormy night at 3:42AM in St Joesph's Hospital. Although, my parents tell me that it was sunny in the day before.
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  • Baptism

    The very first sacrament I ever recieved. I was baptized in Toronto, Ontario, at St Joesph Parish.
  • The Day My Sister Was Born

    The Day My Sister Was Born
    I remember this day, I had a snow day at school, and I was sick... Ever since my sister, Myakielle has been born, I get sick. Not really a positive thing to say... But, I love my sister.
  • First Communion

    First Communion
    The second sacrament I recieved. I got my first communion here in Hamilton, Ontario at my old Parish, St Joesph.
  • Grade Seven Trip To Diversity Camp (Tim Horton's Camp)

    Grade Seven Trip To Diversity Camp (Tim Horton's Camp)
    First overnight trip my elementary school had. To Diversity Camp, where we learned about all of the different "ISM's". Also, got to interact with another school, where I made a few new friends.
  • Washington, DC visit

    Washington, DC visit
    Me and my family went to Washington, DC one summer. I got to see the back of the White House, and took a few pictures too. Also, got to experience what it's like to take an American subway.
  • Florida Trip 2009

    Florida Trip 2009
    This was when me and my parents, and my sister were waiting in line to get into the Shrek 4-D ride. This was our first family trip to Florida. Back in July 2009. Very fun. :D
  • Confirmation

    The latest sacrament I recieved, confirmation. I recieved this holy sacrament at Sts Peter & Paul Parish. I had my God-Father as my sponsor. And I chose St, Germaine as the Saint for my confirmation because her life story was pretty amazing.
  • Grade 8 Trip To Wonderland

    Grade 8 Trip To Wonderland
    My grade eight grad trip was to Canada's Wonderland. We spent the entire day there and didn't get home until about 10pm. It was a really fun day spending it with my fellow graduates, and friends that I made along the way to graduation, we really did come as a family in our final year.
  • Graduation.

    A very exciting moment, because it was another step in my life where I was getting closer to adulthood. By getting an education first... I graduated from Sts Peter & Paul elementary school on June 24th 2010. As a graduate of 2010, I was really excited to get graduation over with and enter high school.
  • My Friend, Kim's Quincenera

    My Friend, Kim's Quincenera
    My long time friend, Kim had her quincenera in 2010. It was a big step in her life, and I'm glad I was there to experience it by being part of the quincenera.
  • Entering High School

    Entering High School
    The first day of high school, I was very excited, but also a bit nervous. I was actually pretty glad I got amazing teachers and made new friends. Grade nine brought me out of my comfort zone.
  • Picking Out Grade Ten Courses

    Picking Out Grade Ten Courses
    Last year, we had to pick courses for our grade ten year... I was planning ahead and filled in everything I wanted to take in that course selection booklet they give out every year.
  • My Friend, Monika's Quincenera

    My Friend, Monika's Quincenera
    In the summer, my other long time friend, Monika, had her quincenera, it was a very fun and amazing night. And I'm glad, I got to experience it with her.