my life

By brick5
  • brithdate

    march 16 was the day i was born i was a big baby i was born in NJ my mom was 19 when he had me .
  • 1st brithday

    1st brithday
    my 1st brithday was at the skaten ring .i really dont memeber that far back .
  • 5th bday

    5th bday
    my 5th bday that day was important because i got my first bike and learn how to ride it that first day but why it was important to me because my dad tought me.
  • 13th bday

    13th bday
    my 13th bday was funny i went to daivd busters i was really i was a teen now i new it was time to grow up a lil and i got my 1st real girlfriend
  • 1st day of high school

    1st day of high school
    the first day of hih school i was excited i knew alot of ppl there so i really wasnt worryed about it but i couldnt wait to go .
  • last day of high school

    last day of high school
    i cant wait till this day nomore eting up at 6 ... but its a new begin of life
  • last day of votec

    last day of votec
    my last day of votec its important because it my life job its how im goin put food on the table
  • mami

    this its the day im moveing to mami
  • new job

    new job
    ill be starting my new welding job in mami
  • kids

    im a buy a house in start having kids