My language timeline

  • My first words

    My first words
    I say my first words when i had 9 moths.My parents said that my first word was "papa".My father was very happy.
  • When i go to school

    When i go to school
    I started school with 3 years.I went to a british school where the teachers only speaks in english and i did there english for 3 years ,when i finished P-5 i left to a nother school.
  • My French classes

    My French classes
    I'm doing french with a individual teacher every week.I used to do french when i was little.
  • My primary school

    My primary school
    I started primary at Bucarest,there i started studing english and french.With french was the first time that i studied it at school.But all the thinks were ok.
  • My french

    My french
    In primary school i started with french and i knew that i need study french at an academy and i did it.
  • I changed my country

    I changed my country
    When i finised fourh of primary i changed my country i went with my family to Catalunya.There i had to study catalan and spanish 2 diferents laguages that i didn't learned never.The fist 3 months were horrible but then i started understood thinks and speak a little bit.
  • I started studingcatalan and spanish

    I started studingcatalan and spanish
    When i arrived in Catalunya i started studing Spanish and Catalan .2 news languages ,i didn't do extra classes only the classes at school.I started speaking good in the end of the second trimester of sixth class.
  • My high-school class

    My high-school class
    I started first of eso where i started learning french and english again.With english ehen i arrived at Catalunya i continued but with frenxh no,and then i lost s lot of thinks.
    This year we went to and english holidays.
  • Montpellier holidays

    Montpellier holidays
    At 3 th of eso i went at montpellier with my school for 5 days to study better french!
  • My fiac classes

    My fiac classes
    This year i started going to the fiac for study english